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Cum Eat My Pussy Phone Sex

Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905Hey guys!

YAY the sun was out today!  Fun!  I just love fun in the sun.  I can’t wait til the weather really turns and I can go out in my short shorts.  I have really sexy legs and I love getting them kissed.

The last guy who ate my pussy… OMG he did such a good job of licking on my lil teenage pussy.  It felt so good when he stuck his tongue in and out of my little pussy.  He told me how good it tasted and then he came up and gave me a nice, hot French kiss.  I love making out and oral sex.  When pinched my little pink nipples, it was enough to throw me over the edge and cummm all over his face.  He’s older and he really enjoys/appreciates eating my tight little young pussy…. HAWT!!! Are you in the mood for some pussy eating phone sex?

Do you want to call and tell me all about how you’d eat me out? We could mix it up… you tell me how you’d lick my pussy and I’ll tell you about the last cock that filled me up with cum. Maybe what you really want is some cum eating phone sex instead!?

Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905

Blonde Teen Slut Needs BBC!

Today has been so wild on the phone already with naughty cuckolding phone sex!  First of all, I talked to this guy who totally has a little slut for a wife.  She revealed to him that she has been fucking black guys for years, so that is very hot.  I told him that she must miss that big, black dick and that he should just let her have what she needs.  Sadly, his little dick is just oh-so-tiny compared to that big black sausage, so he should just give in and let her have it.

Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905

I told him he could be a good little jack off boy and stroke his dick off while he watches her get fucked.  I made him into my little cuckold bitch, which he totally fucking loved.  My favorite part was when I grabbed Tyrone’s big, black dick and compared it to his tiny little white boi dick.  It was so much fun!

Do you like little size queen sluts like me?  Be sure to cast a vote for me here if you can appreciate a good little whore who submits to that juicy, thick Mandingo dick.

Dial me for sexy interracial black-on-blonde phone sex!

Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905

Good Little Blonde Cocksucker!

Hot Teen Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905 Hiya!  How’s it going, guys?  Are you feeling naughty today?  I sure am! I’m a naughty lil’ nympho and I have cock on the brain! I’m not sure if it’s all the hot sex I have been having with my new fuck buddy or what, but I have just been too damn hot lately!

The other day, I texted him to come over during his lunch break because I was really hungry for his dick.  He asked me what I was hungry for and I told him that I really wanted to eat some of his cum.

Let’s just say that he showed up my house about nine minutes into his lunch break and it didn’t take long for me to get his zipper pulled down and in my greedy, little, slutty mouth.  I smiled at him while I jacked his huge member into my hot little teen mouth.  I was gagging on it because it was so huge but that is okay…. Those of you who have gotten really nasty and naughty with me know that I have no problem with gagging during a naughty, live phone sex call!  I love it!  I just love cock — can you tell?  I’m told that I’m a good little cocksucker – but I will let you be the judge of that 😉

Call me for a hot teen phone sex session that will make your dick want even more.

Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905

My braces made him hard

Coed phone sex can just be so exciting.  I love the whole teacher/student dynamic.  If you’re in the mood for naughty schoolgirl phone sex, you may have just met your match.

Naughty schoolgirl phone sexI could tell from the way he looked at me after he read my name while taking attendance that he wanted me.

“Tasha Cooper?” he leered, but not in a creepy way.  Besides, it’s not like I could blame him, necessarily.   I egged him on also.  He’d be talking Integrals while I was approximating just how many of his fingers would fit in me if I had my legs spread at Denny’s.

From the first time he strutted into the small night class, I knew that he’d be a wild fuck.  He had a bald head, big hands and just the right amount cockiness that made me want his cock right in my mouth.

I wanted to wear a naughty schoolgirl outfit and show up at his doorstep at midnight.  I wanted to lovingly caress his cock while he sucked on my bubble gum lips, fingering it through his pants while I inhaled his spicy cologne.  The idea that he could have gone to high school with my dad was a turn-on for me.

It’s not that I had Daddy Issues (Okay, maybe just a little..), but I love being a naughty little girl for an older man who sometimes just is in the mood to take what he wants.   I wanted him to show me the ropes, to jerk off in my mouth, to make me beg for his cock while it pressed up against my young little pussy lips, bending before sinking in.

I wanted Teacher’s Cock and as it turns out, he wanted me, too.

I love being a bad girl and I specialize in younger girl fantasies, age play, taboo phone sex and lots more.

Tasha 1-800-931-5905

Mommy Jane showed me how

“Let’s do a barely 18 phone sex call where it’s your 18th birthday and you are doing your first porno,” he suggested.  I smiled young voice phone sexand nodded, almost forgetting that he could not see me from his side of the phone.  He warned me that he had a few surprises in his tool belt, which was exciting.  I love making the phone sex fantasies very naughty and full of surprises, especially kinky ones!

“Yeah,  let’s do it!” I could not wait to get started.  From the moment I hear his voice, I know that he is going to “bring it” with the extreme ideas and he is always up for a really naughty coed phone sex call.

“I’m 18 years old and I’m here for my first porno film,” I tried to be enthusiastic, but I was honestly a little bit scared.  I mean, I had fucked a lot before, but I was not expecting so many hot lights and so many people in the room.

Imagine my surprise when there was both a man and a woman who came onto the set!  A very gorgeous, sensual, older woman who called herself “Mommy” showed up to the set to show me the ropes, which turned out to be the then-hottest sexual experience of my life — and it was even caught on film, which of course made it extra fun and hot.

She wrapped my little fingers around his big dick.  She was pretending that the

I enjoy playing with Jane because we just have this playful little banter.  Sometimes, Jane even feels like my real Mom, which is cute but can be a little strange.  She actually got me into phone sex and we really enjoy mommy phone sex calls where I can be a good girl just for her.  Does it turn you on — thinking about Jane teaching me just how to play with you?  Her moods range from sensual to domineering, but one thing is for sure — her pussy gets wet when I call her “Mommy!”  How naughty is that?

[[Your Taboo Phone Sex Cutie]] – Tasha 1-800-931-5905

Here’s a pic of Mommy Jane.  Click her big tits to find out more about her!

Mommy Jane phone sex

Do you need to be milked?

I’m a prick-teasing princess with a penchant for penis control and bringing you to the edge time and time again.  When you call my number (and it does ring directly into my home, by the way), you are in for a memorable coed phone sex experience that will leave you fully drained.  Well, that is, if you’re lucky! Coed phone sex

“Aww,” I giggled, “Do you really want to cum?”

He was so speechless (and clearly excited) that he could hardly reply.

“You’re adorable little voice… and that addictive giggle…” me whispered into the phone.

“Do you like it when I grab hold of your dick in my tight little fist, working your head up and down while I bounce on those fat, squishy balls with my sexy little fingers?”

“Tasha,” he managed, “Please.”

I worked his big, naughty dick and gave him a naughty little smile.  I slid the top of my leather heel under his balls and bounced them around a little bit, lifting up my naughty schoolgirl skirt to show him my little panties, which were way too tight, but showed off my barely legal pussy perfectly. I yanked my panties up in between my pussy lips a little and wiggled around on his desk.

I grabbed the back of his head and shoved him into my tight little pantied crotch.

I love wrapping my little hand around a big, throbbing dick and basically doing whatever I want with it.  I’m an extreme phone sex seductress and I just love milking cocks.  That is, after I make sure that you’re almost uncontrollably to hold off any longer.

I enjoy cock control, lots of teasing and being a naughty schoolgirl, milking princess and lots more.  I want to get my hands around your dick and have my naughty little way with you!  Even if you have an extreme phone sex fantasy.  Lay back and don’t be afraid to get super extreme with me.  Bad girls like me love to be very bad.

Love and Licks,

Coed phone sex cutie Tasha

1 – 800 – 931 – 5905

Happy phone sex coed

I love keeping my naughty phone sex callers guessing, especially those who can appreciate a sexy little teen phone sex slut like myself. Tasha phone sex 1 800 931 5905

When I saw the hula hoops behind his chair, I knew that we were kindred spirits.  While scantily clad in only an aqua bikini top (push-up, naturally) and a pair of short, white bootie shorts (the kind that show off the bottoms of my butt cheeks), I slid the hula hoop on my hips and started to work my magic.

“Fuck, you’re giving me a hard-on, Tasha,” he said in a way that was only half-complaining.  My eyes focused on his, but I could clearly see the outline of his massive member forming in his jean shorts, which only turned me on even more.

While still keeping the hula hoop on my hips, I spun around and kept on working my magic, moving my hips around like a pro while unhooking my bra.  I tossed it over on the couch and raised my hands over my head as I shot him a look from behind.  A sweet, satisfied smile spread across my lips as I saw his eyes, fixated on my upper thighs, lower back, but mostly my ass as I moved in front of him, like a naughty, blonde phone sex seductress.

Just when I thought my “work day” could not get any hotter, I was told to be a good little mommy phone sex whore and get all of my holes lubed up and ready for “T.”  I think it’s safe to say that I hit the pillow last night, dreaming of my bad boys and playing with my juicy little bald pussy.

Tasha 1-800-931-5905

The first time I used a dildo (but definitely not the last!)

Teen phone sexWhen you call me for phone sex, there are so many things that we can talk about.  I love first time phone sex role plays and even discussing our real-life sexual experiences.

“You will really like it, I promise,” he told me, but I was still a little nervous.  My boyfriend was really reassuring (and I knew I wanted it), but I was still a teenie bit unsure.  I had fucked a few guys, but I never used a sex toy before!

“Let me put it in,” I told him, taking the dildo in my hand.  I leaned back and spread my legs apart, rubbing it up and down my bald pussy.  Just him watching me was turning me on.  Yeah, I was nervous, but rubbing that big dildo up and down my little cunnie was driving me crazy.  I brought my knees up to the bed and looked into his eyes.  I could feel my pussy open up a little around the rubber head of that dildo.  I slid it up to my clit and moved it around in a little circle, which really made me wet.

“Fuck,” he gasped, “You’re really making me hard. Do you even know how hot you are, Tash?”

I told him to play with his cock, too, while I did my thing, thinking that would make me feel less self-conscious about him watching me toy myself.

I took a deep breath and popped the purple dildo up into my pussy, letting out a sexy little moan.  I could not believe how good it felt! I grabbed the end of it and fucked my pussy so good with it.  I even started to pinch on my nipples with my free hand and before long, I was begging my then-bf to put his dick in my mouth!

I’m so horny tonight, just remembering how good it felt.  *reminiscent sigh*

Sooo that was the first time that I used a dildo in my pussy and I’ve been totally hooked ever since! *sly smile*

Grab your dick and I will grab my dildo and we can enjoy some mutual masturbation phone sex! I’m in the mood to fuck like a little coed phone sex bunny.

Tasha 1 800 931 5905

Teen sucks her first cock

Young voice coed phone sexHiya!  My name is Tasha and I’m a coed phone sex cutie.  My favorite kinds of phone sex are extreme phone sex and being a bad girl (and a good little cock sucker) just for you. I have a young voice and you will love my little giggle.

My mom had to work, so her boyfriend took me out for my birthday dinner.  I was wearing a light pink crop top and a spandex black mini skirt — something that I could never get away with wearing around my mom, but since she was working (and I was the birthday girl, after all), I decided to take my chances and show off my sexy little barely legal body.

“Seriously,” I smiled at my mom’s boyfriend, “I want my present.”  He just shook his head and told me that I would have to wait for it.

I slid my little black high heel up his leg and between his thigh, convinced that if I made him hard, that he would pretty much give in and let me get my way — as I always do.

“All right,” my soon-to-be-step-daddy sighed after another hour of my relentless begging.

He told me to close my eyes and open up my hands — and there would be a big surprise.

“Oh my goodness,” I giggled when I realized that it was his cock in my hands.  His cock was my birthday surprise! I had never even seen one before and it was downright outrageously huge!

“Touch it but don’t open your eyes,” he instructed me, flirtatiously.

He didn’t have to tell me twice to put it in my mouth.  Even though I had never seen a dick (let alone such a big one), it seemed to come naturally to me — sucking on his big dick.  I wrapped my eager little hands around his monster dick and started to jerk him off wildly in my mouth.  His big dick head pushed against the back of my throat and I couldn’t help it but gag a little on his throbbing dick.

That was the best birthday surprise ever!

Dial me for barely legal phone sex and I will make your dreams cum true!  I love being a naughty babysitter, sexy secretary and your dick will get so hard when you see me in my little schoolgirl outfit.  That is for sure!

Tasha 1*800*931*59505


Coach fucked us both

Tasha phone sex

Lately, I’ve been getting into doing two girl phone sex sessions.  It’s so much fun!  Lately, I’ve really been having fun with Dani.  Her real name is Danielle, but everybody calls her Dani.

We did this really hot session with this guy who is super naughty and has a huge dick.  He could not decide who should be head cheerleader, so he called us both into his office for a little bit of a “tryout” to see who could take the best care of his dick.  We both really love fantasy phone sex sessions and I have to say, we got into this one a whole lot!

Dani wore her naughty schoolgirl outfit and I was in my sexy little cheerleader outfit.  Dani shoved her boobies up in Coach’s face while I took out his big dick.  I jerked it on like a naughty little slut and neither one of us could believe how big it was!

I slapped Coach’s big dick up against my little juicy pussy and reminded him that a good cheerleader should be able to get up on top and ride him like a champ.  He grabbed my tight ass and slapped his balls up against my ass.

Just when I was fucking him good, Dani decided that she wanted to get up on Coach’s big dick and have her turn on his bologna pony.

“Get off his dick, Tasha,” she haughtily demanded, “Now it’s my turn.”

She moved her hips around in a circle and squeezed her pussy muscles around his big dick.  I have to say, watching her fuck on his big dick made me have to finger fuck my pussy while I watched!

“Suck on her tits while she rides me, Tasha,” Coach told me and you know that I could not even wait to get my naughty little mouth on those nipples!

That was one wild coed phone sex session that Dani and I won’t forget – I tell you what!

Love n Hugs~
Tasha 1 800 931 5905

Strip tease phone sex

Do you long for a sexy little blonde phone sex cutie, making you hard and giving you precisely what you deserve Tasty Tasha after a long day at the job?

I was wearing a short little white denim skirt, a pair of hot pink heels (a bit overdone, but I love that super sexy little “wow” factor) and a pink spandex halter top.  I don’t have the hugest boobies in the world, so I can get away without wearing a bra when I have on certain tops.   The halter top gave me an oomph of cleavage, which is never a bad thing, either.

He had been kind of flirty with me that night, telling me that he wanted a lap dance, so I decided to try my hand at doing a little strip-tease for him.  We were watching a movie (read: actually kind of just making out a lot) and his hand kept on sneaking into my halter top, trying to cop a feel of my perky little boobies.

“Oh,” I stood up, smiling down into his eyes.  I slowly slid my fingertips up my thighs, showing him my little pink, satin panties that barely covered my bald pussy.  I slid my fingers up and down my pussy a little, pushing the soft fabric of my panties up into my slit, just enough to show him just how hot I am down there.

“You’re killin’ me, Tash,” he groaned, but it seemed like a compliment to me.  I pulled up my white jean skirt and unbuttoned it, sliding it down slowly to reveal my sexy little bubble butt.   Turning around again, I slid up on top of his lap, straddling him while pushing my boobies up into his face.  I untied my halter top and before you can say “Tasty Tasha,” I had my sexy little boobs up in his face, which was turning red with anticipation.

I put his hands on my pantied ass, giving him permission to grab me there while he sucked on my nipples.

“You’re bad,” I whispered into his ear while I kissed up on his neck.

“Oh,” he sighed, “You’re sooo gonna get it.”

I said nothing, but gave him a knowing smile, because that was exactly what I was hoping for the whole time.

What kind of fantasy would you like to try with this barely legal phone sex cutie?  I’m into all kinds of extreme phone sex – from sensual to downright kinky.

Tasha 1*800*931*5905