Pretty Painted Toes

I just got my first pedicure done yesterday! I went with my best friend Stacey and we had such a blast! We also got our nails done, but the pedicure is what I’m most excited about. Right after she got through pampering my feet, the girl painted my toenails a nice, bright red color. Stacey got a French manicure and she had a hot guy giving rubbing her feet and doing her pedicure. She looked so hot, with her foot in his strong hands…. The way it was only inches away from his cock turned me on so much!

Stacey and I want to go get toe rings today, sterling silver maybe. I think that gold may look cute on my hot little toes, too… That pedicure yesterday is leaving me wanting one thing… a big dick between my sexy little feet! Would you like me to jerk you off with my hot feet, showing you my cute little cunt while I slide my hot lil feet up and down your dick?

I just put some lotion on my feet too, I feel like I’m obsessed with them today and they are so soft and smooth, perfect for playing with your big cream-filled balls!


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