A Nice Awakening

Well, my man spent the night last night and I woke up at about 4:00am to him licking my little cunnie! He was teasing my little clittie with his tongue and spreading my legs apart, while he was massaging my ass… I giggled and told him to quit, but it felt so good that I did not want him to quit anyway!

“I’m hungry for your dick too,” I told him as I started to grab at his huge hard-on. He slid around and started to fuck my mouth while he stuck a naughty finger right into my lil butthole! It felt so good, with his finger wiggling around in my little butthole with his tongue on my clitty.

“Tasha, if you keep this up, I’m going to fucking shoot it in your mouth!” He kept sucking on my little swollen clitty while he was pounding my throat, making me gag on his big, powerful cock. I told him that was exactly what I wanted and mmmm what do you think he did?

Mmmm it’s about enough to make me want to go play with my pussy right now!


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