What girl wouldn’t like it?

Mmmm I just talked to J, which was good, because it had been waaaaaay too long! I hope I made it worth your while, J, and by the sound of it, he got off really GOOD! I just love making men shoot their cum so good for me, esp. J, because he knows what really gets me off right…

He stuck his naughty tongue right up my little pink teenage asshole, which of course made me want to give him my tongue up his tight lil ass, too! Before I knew it, I was jerking on his big cock and finger~fucking his asshole while I slid his big cock down my throat… I just love rim-jobs…. When you are in the right naughty mood, anyway!

I love it when J calls me his Princess, and I also love it that he is so much older than me! I don’t remember exactly how much older he is, but the whole idea of having an older man, tonguing my little twat is a HUGE turn~on for me!

I am on my way over to my friend’s house, who has the hottest neighbor ever! We love to hit on him and we already decided we are taking her dog for a walk so that we will go by his house for sure, and he usually cums outside to hit on us if we are outside, looking cute and hanging around a little bit… My friend and I were talking about how big his cock is b/c his feet are SO BIG, but who knows?!

THEN, the age old debate came up with all of us girls, does size matter? Well, personally, I’d LIKE to say no, but honestly, I love big dick, so I guess it sort of does?! *giggles* I’d like to know everybody else’s opinions, about if you thin ksize matters or not?!

Luv Ya Lots,
Tasty Tasha

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