Have a little Faith!

Faith came Thursday night and surprised me with pizza… She told me that I better eat something before we went out to party and boy was she right! Faith is like my best friend and she is soooo hot, a blondie like me but she has great big tits. First, we had to go to her ex b/f’s house and of course she had to have some of that cock, so we both gave him a blow job a the same time and it was just sooo hot and naughty! Faith even got behind him and was tonguing his big balls… I was so glad that we decided to stop over there!

THEN we went over to this frat party and we were both looking so cute! I had on my new red shoes that I got for Valentine’s Day and Faith had on the hottest low cute pink shirt that you can imagine… all glittery with a hot black mini skirt. I wore my TINY little black dress… We got started partying late, but that’s okay, we are YOUNG and we turned out to the the life of the party! Faith ended up giving this one guy a haircut on a dare and she did a REALLY good job, so 2 more guys wanted her to cut their hair and she did it topless…. for extra of course… giggles… but you know me and Faith, just 2 wild girls who have trouble saying no to anything! I don’t want to give away all the details but let’s just say Faith’s double~headed dildo was put to good use!

That’s when we got to talking about all of our 2-girl calls that we’ve done over the months… We’ve had some pretty wild ones, huh, Faith?! From double blow jobs to humiliation to playing with each other…. You can check out Faith’s page here. Mmmm we decided to run a little special with 2 girl call because we just love to play so much! We agreed that any guy who mentions my blog or her journal, gets 5 free minutes with ANY paid call with us.. See, it works out like this… 2 girl calls are only $3.25/minute with a 10 minute minimum, so you can have us both for way cheaper than we’re worth, especially considering our little special… It’s just our gift to you, because we love playing with our callers and each other sooo much…. You can check out my cute phonesex page here. Like I said, double your pleasure with us and we will ROCK YOUR COCK… naughty smile!

I’m getting ready to go out to lunch with my cousin…. I think we are either going out for Chinese, yummy, or maybe just to get a sub… Either way, I’m sure I’ll have fun because she is so much fun and I have the hottest little outfit on today with my new black strappy sandals… It’s a little cold for them but I could not resist…


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