Panty Shopping

Well, Faith and I were out shopping, like usual! We ran into a panty sale and it was all down hill from there. We wanted to try on the panties and the sales clerk looked at us like we were totally crazy, which we are, but she let us do it anyway… Faith said, “We don’t know if we need a size small or medium…” But she just looked at us funny when I went into Faith’s dressing room to try on panties… We were dancing in front of the mirror, and we both found some really cute ones. My favorite ones are my purple mesh ones. They look so adorable! I’d love to have them pulled down by an older man, maybe even if he were to use his teeth to do it… mmmm…

We will both be around tonight, so be sure to call us for some wild and crazy fun because we love to get down together!

I will update more later, but for now, I have a little company over! 🙂 I have some hot calls to tell you about… and some sweet guys… one in particular! 🙂


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