Teasing Teacher Already

Well, back to school today!  My computer teacher is so cute that I can’t even believe it.  I think that he noticed today when I wore my sexy little sandals.   I winked at him when he gave me the syllabus and I just giggled… I’m sure it will be a FUN semester!  If only I could show him my website, I’m sure that would get him off gooood and maybe he’d becum my best caller! giggles

It sucks that I have to get up early, but I love to get up exxxtra early to put on my makeup and get myself looking supercute for all of the college guys!  If there is one thing I love, it’s a fraternity guy.  I have my eye on this one guy that has the hottest ass, he was sitting two desks in front of me today and he looked so good in his Arizona jeans.

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