Pampering My Pretty Princess Toes


Me, Teasing!


I found the cutest sandals today!  This was after I got a pedicure done on my feet.  My aunt sent me a gift certificate to this day spa, so my friend Tina and I went in and got our feet massaged really good and now I have pretty red toenails.  Tina got a french manicure on her toes and they are so pretty too, maybe next time I could try that too.  Anyway, the sandals are clear and have a really high heel on them.  REALLY high.  Tina was caling them my fuckme pumps, lol.  I decided to go for it because I have such an obsession for cute sandals.  They just make my legs looks so sexy, I think.  They sort of make my legs look even more muscular than they are… I think I have nice legs… I like to have them rubbed when I’m getting FUCKED!

Why does everything with me have to lead back to something naughty?  Because I’m a dirty little slut, of course!  🙂  I love being a little cock teasing tramp… There is not much more fun than that!  I think I have a new sex position of the day, lol.  I love sticking my little ass right up in the air when a guy is behind me, rubbing his big dick up and down my hot lil teenage hole.  I like to beg for cock too, I think sluts should, so I beg to be fucked and then I love getting fucked like a True little Tasty Tramp!

Mmmm I talked to J after what had been way too long!  It was so much fun, getting really naughty with him.  I just love it when I gag on that big dick of his then slide my naughty tongue right up his ass!  J, you are just so much fun to talk to and I hope that you have a string of better luck… big hugs!  You know I love being your lil oral princess 🙂

 Well, I’m excited about wife swap tonight, I hope it’s on, it’s funny because they change out the wives and the kids and husband have to abide by new rules.. I’m sure it will be FUNNY like usual… giggles.

Licks ~ Tasha

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  1. Hey Girl .. sounds like you need a serious “foot slave” .. Let me tell you, they’re a blast! I have this one little slut that comes in once a week to give my feet & legs thier just ‘tribute, about 2 hours! I get the full treatment .. including massage & pedicure. And when he does a good job .. he gets a “foot job” from his Mistress! LOL
    Ms Violet

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