Happy Birthday to Faith!

Cute Tasha

 Well, last weekend was Faith’s birthday and I was a teenie bit late with it, so I had to take her out last night instead!  We went to this really fun dance club that was like soooo crazy!  I knew Faith loved it so I went ahead and took her there.  We were looking sooo hot, I swear!  There was this one guy who looked just like Nick Lachey only cuter and Faith was like starting to rub up on the front of him with her tits, so I started to squish my little tits all over his back!  He was like, “Oooh two hot blondes, I don’t know if I can handle it….”  He was there with a bachelor party, so there were LOTS of hot guys on the dance floor.  Faith had on these huge clear heels and she let me borrow some of her body glitter and we were like two sexy babes, on the floor.  I don’t think we even sat down all night.  Well, maybe later on a BIG DICK!  You will have to call if you want to hear more… Faith and I just love 2-girl calls, so maybe you should give us a try lol.  You can check out Faith’s page here.

I just talked to J- and Mmmm he is sooo hot!  Our favorite is to 69… Do you like to do it too?  Mmm a thick pink tongue, shoved inside my tight lil teenage pussy while I suck on your big hard dick?!  J got me soooo wet and horny while he was fingering me and licking my ass…. I swear our calls get better and better, if that’s possible! lol!  Mmm big kisses J, you are the best giggles, you turn me on so much!

Time to go take a bubble bath.  Call me later and maybe we can have some naughty fun!



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