Silly Poem By Me

There once was a boy
who would be my toy…
He didn’t know it yet;
it was all part of a bet…

I would suck his dick
and it sure was thick!
His cum was really yummy,
so it ended up in my tummy!

When he’d cut to the chase,
he’d shoot it on my face!
I went to sleep next to him
to wake up with dick on my chin!

Giggles… How fun was that?!

Luv Ya Bunches ~ Tasha

2 Replies to “Silly Poem By Me”

  1. Thanks for the comments, everybody!!! I love it when you write fun things in my blog… I love to tease, Lanie, and Drake I know that you and I are two little slutty cock suckers, we’ve sure proved that, wink!


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