The HOT Bartender and Wild Blondes

Hey everybody!  I just got back from going out for lunch with my roommate, we had so much fun flirting with the hot bartender.  He did ask for my number and of course my roommate had to tell him I do phonesex, which did embarass me a *little* because his face got red but he was definitely flirting with me and told me that I sounded like a naughty girl.  I thought, If you only knew how naughty I could be… giggles. 

I did have a little fantasy about Rob (that is what his nametag said) putting me up on the end of the bar and pulling up my little top up over my tits and just sucking on my hot little tits right there, in front of everybody.  I definitely love to be an exhibitionist…  I thought of his tongue, circling my little hard nipples as his fingers worked the front of my jeans, rubbing where my hot pussy is.  I’m telling you, I really need to get laid… It’s been 2 days and 2 days too long, wink.

Classes start up soon and I signed up for intermural coed volleyball again so that should be a fun way to keep my body looking great too……

I wanted to give a shoutout to my fave friend, J, who is so good to me and ultra~hot, too… We have done soooo many hot calls and they seem to get hotter each time. *big smooches just for J*  I can’t wait to play with you again, J… and remember that time you made my pussy squirt?  

I love that show The Girls Next Door, it’s so fun and the girls are so hot and all blonde like me which is so cool because I think blondes have more fun which reminds me I just got highlights which look SO CUTE! 🙂  I think it’s such a funny show with so many hot babes…



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