To Squirt or Not To Squirt




Hiya!  I decided to stay in tonight because my boyfriend is out of town and I’m SO HORNY!!!  Ashley was going to have a back2school party but she decided against it because she was SO SICK from last night!  We were out until like 5:30am dancing and then there was this fun after party and let’s just say that it got really crazy and fun!  College is so fun that I can’t even stand it….  Mmmm but tonight I was like oh yeah I will put on my little nightie and hopefully get some fun and naughty calls… *smile* 

*BIG KISSES* to J, who is so fun and hot… We finally connected again yesterday and he was so yummy as usual…  I love it when he sucks on these little sweet pink nipples for me and oooh he drives me nuts when he licks on my clitty ring with his tongue.  His tongue feels so good when he flicks it back and forth over my little pierced button.  We also did some extra naughty anal stuff huh J 🙂  Mmmm my favorite is when we cummm together, it feels so good, squirting all over his big dick.  Lots of guys have asked me if I squirt and the answer is: sometimes, yes, like half the time I cum if I’m lucky it has to be a big orgasm and I think I’m learning to squirt even more!  To squirt or not to squirt that is the question… But like even when I don’t I still love cummming but J always makes me b/c he knows just what I like and neeeeed…. His tongue, roaming fingers and fat cock for me to play with…

I watched that movie “Clerks” because of Clerks 2, I wanted to see it first and it was SO funny and so sexual, I loved it so much… My favorite scene is the Happy Scrappy scene so if you thought it was funny then write about it here lol.  My friend bought the new Clerks dvd and it is SO COOL!  The extra scenes and the short movie on it are SO FUNNY!  There is even a fun cartoon with a funeral scene that they did not put in there…  OK, I have not seen Clerks 2 yet so please don’t spoil it for me! I want to watch it soon but sometimes when I go to the movies I just want to mess around… Hey, I can’t help it I’m a horny little girl. Like if you were to take me to the movies, I’d probably want you to let your hand wander up my shirt or skirt…

LUV YA LOTS ~ Tasha… 1-800-931-5905 ~ Call me for hot phonesex 😉

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  1. I love horny little girls! esp MY PRINCESS! I would love to take you to the movies! And yes I would put my hand in your shirt and up your skirt, and hopefully I would make you SQUIRT! (Again-HA) xoxoxo, Smiles

  2. J~

    Hiya! OK anytime that you want to put your fingers anywhere my sweet lil teenage cunnie it’s more than perfect with me… *big smile* Mmm and with YOU, I think that my squirting-orgasms are even more frequent! *giggles*

    Luv Ya J,
    Tasha 🙂

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