Do you Dare to Double the Fun? :)

Well this weekend was sibling weekend which means that my sister came up here to visit… And I met Melanie’s and Sasha’s brothers, who were both HOT!  Especially Sasha’s brother Tim… mmm!  I think he liked me too so I was sure to wear skimpy lil clothes all weekend long! I know, I’m a tease! I can’t help it, though.  I’m equipped with a naughty little mind, a very high sex drive and a tasty little body so how could I help it, even if I tried??  Let’s just say that it was a good thing her brother is engaged or I’m sure I would have hooked up with him in every possible way… Hey, a girl can dream about his tongue deep in my little tight cunnie, right? *naughty smile*

Oooh we are having a special on two-girl calls!  Basically, you get five free minutes when you order a call with two of us girlies!  See, it’s just $3.25 per minute for a 2-girl call….  (Just so you know, a 1-on-1 phonesex session with us is just $1.99 per minute).  ALL calls have a 10-minute minimum.  Anyway, I thought I’d mention that for sure because I do love to play with more than just a guy…  I’ve got some favorite girlfriends too or if you just tell me what fantasy you like I can try to think of a girl who would be perfect for us to get naughty with….

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