Happy Halloween From Tasha

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everybody!!!

I dressed up this year like a naughty little nurse. My costume was way sexy, with nice little white thigh-highs, white pumps I borrowed from my friend Ash, super sexy make up, my hair in a nurse-like french twist which was really cute and to top it all off, I bought a sexy little nurse’s outfit! I borrowed a stethoscope from my friend who is in pre-med so that was really awesome. Guys were hitting on me all night, so of course I loved the attention. This was Saturday night and I partied soooo hard that on Sunday, I could hardly move. I was just like ahhh what did I DO last night? But it was way fun, I went with my two friends Ash and Becca, who were a school girl and a kitty cat, so we all looked totally HOT!

I talked to J tonight too and our call was mmm SO hot.  We got into a really hot sixty-nine position which was totally naughty.  He started licking my ass, which made me cum all over his face and he loved licking up my little teenage pussy!  J you know exactly how to turn me on and you know I just luv talking to you… *big smiles*

Well, I hope you all had a great Halloween 🙂

Luv – Tasha

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