Will You Give Me a Pearl Necklace?

Hello Everybody!  TGIF!  I’m just going out to dinner with some girlfriends then I will be back later on to get naughty with you guys… If you are feeling half as horny as I am, then we can have some naughty fun!  Well, I started my afternoon off right when J called for some hot and naughty fun.  I love it when he licks my tight little hot blonde pussy.  It turns me on so much, oral sex!  J, you know you make my pussy sooo wet and I love playing with you! *huge hugs n kisses and licks on your dick* *naughty smile*
How has everybody been doing?  I hope you are getting ready for a nice weekend!  I know I sure am!  Getting up early every day sucks as you all know, so I can’t wait to party and sleep in this weekend!  Maybe I will even get a nice pearl necklace from one of my hot callers… I would so love that!  I love watching cum shoot out of a nice big dick, so of course I would absolutely love a nice, hot pearl necklace.  I don’t think my sexy red dress is complete without one – do you??
Love n Hugs – Tasha
Tasha wants a pearl necklace

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