Lil Update From Slutty Lil Blondie Tasha

Hey Guys!

Mmmm I had the hottest experience last weekend.  It was one of those fun party nights where I was all relaxed and having a fucking blast with my girls! *Giggles*  Good music, good food, good drinks, good times… and best of all, the night ended with me hooking up with this guy I’ve been teasing for a lil while and OMG he had such a nice big dick for me to suck on and fuck.  I’m sure that I will be fucking him again soon ~ he loved my dirty talk, too. He was making me beg to suck on his cock, which I really loved.

Well, I just had to tell you all about it and I hope everybody is doing great and all that!

Kisses ~ Tasha!

Tasha Kicking Back

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