His Birthday Present Was a Sexy Little Schoolgirl Over His Lap!

Hey Everybody!

OMG did you realize that this weekend is Leap Year?  I can’t wait!  That is like an extra day of fun to have this year….  I don’t even remember what I did last leap year 4 years ago, but I’m sure it was super duper naughty knowing me!

So I had this new fuck buddy of mine over the other night for his birthday.  He didn’t have any plans so I was joking that I needed to give him his birthday blow job… Which I wasn’t really kidding about but he was acting like I was.  This guy and I fuck about twice a week… He’s in med school and has like no time for dating plus I don’t want to be tied down… We all know how I love getting new cock!

ANYWAY… This guy is pretty kinky and he has a really nice dick… He’s made little comments while fucking about how he loves me as his little sexy school girl ~ stuff like that.  Well, I decided to take it to the next level and really blow his mind.  He’s really into spanking me and stuff, too, I should tell you and he loves calling me his naughty lil girl.

Well, when he showed up, he was SO shocked to see me here, all dressed up like a little school girl.  I had on black patent-leather mary janes, white thigh-highs, a little red, black and white plaid, pleated short schoolgirl skirt and a little white button up top that has a tie on the bottom.  I love this outfit!  I actually bought it just for him.

“Fuck, Tasha, you are looking so good,” he kissed me as soon as he came in the door while his big, strong hands started to squeeze my little ass.

“Have you been a naughty little girl?” he asked me before he sat on the couch.  I got up on his lap with my little legs spread and he started to rub up my thighs to my little tight white cotton panties.

“Mmmm Yesss…” I admitted to him while I squirmed against his fingers.

Just thinking about that night makes my little bald cunnie get all wet.

He must have saw the wooden ruler on my coffee table, because when he put me over his lap to spank me, I felt the nice, hot sting of the ruler, striping my ass while his free hand played with my tight little wet pussy.

We love fucking each other!  We are such good fuck buddies, just like me and J.  He is so awesome and we love to get really dirty with each other…. Let’s just say that I had been having this fantasy that I told J about which was really dirty and fun and even though he had never tried anything like it before ~ he was totally all about it with his naughty lil Tash.

Well I gotta run to class but I will be home soon because I’m so hot and horny for some hot phone sex.

Love- Tasha

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