Would You Like To Fuck My Mouth?

Hottie TashaHey Horny Guys!!

Is anybody out there feeling down-right dirty?? Mmmm I got face-fucked the other night in such a hot way. It was kind of a new position for me, which is always FUN!!

My head was kind of hanging off the side of the bed and he had his big dick sliding right down my throat, which was gagging me a little, which was a huge turn~on.  He was also pinching on my nipples and fingering my tight little pussy, which made me sooo wet.  Right when I was about to cum, he spun me around and slid his big dick right into my little juicy cunnie, so I could squirt all over his big dick.

Played with J… He is so hot.  He really knows hot to turn me on and one of my favorite positions with him is 69ing.  I sit right up on his face and grind my tight little juicy pussy all over his face while I finger his ass and suck his dick.  We have so much hot fun and I swear he knows how to make me cummm so good… Hello out there J, I hope you are reading this with a big smile on your face…. Try to leave me a comment if you can 🙂

I have to go to class but I wanted to tell you guys about that naughty little experience I had!! I will be home soon and I can’t wait to have some phone sex w/ you guys…



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