Time For My Sexy Short Shorts!

Hey Guys!

Hottie TashaWhat is going on??  I hope that you are all doing great… Today was sooo pretty outside!!  I loved it.  I lotioned up my legs and even got a bit of a tan started.  I also painted my toenails a nice deep red color and they look really sexy.

I picked up some cauliflower and broccoli seeds because I’m going to have a cute little small garden this year!  I have never had a garden before, so I’m very excited about it.  Last year, my friend made some squash and zucchini so she is showing me how to get started on my lil garden.  I know that I will have on my little daisy dukes on when I am out gardening, showing off my sexy little body.

Mmm big kisses to J, you are so hot and I loved LOVED our last call… I love getting the chance to 69 with you, J…. It makes my pussy so wet!  I love it when you work your finger up my tight little ass.. mmm… I’ve been in the mood for a nice, hard ass fucking!!  I love to get my ass slapped while I get it fucked…

I got my ass fucked a few days ago and OMG it was hotter than hot!

I love anal sex!!

Hope you are all having a lovely May Day!



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