Beach Volleyball Rained Out – Can I Lick On Your Balls Instead Tonite ;)

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Little Tasha wants to play..
CUM again another day!!

Sexy TashaYep – it’s raining here… Which means that the beach volleyball thing that I was going to tonight was cancelled.  I will have to wait til next week to wear my sexy little pink and white short shorts!

I’m actually wearing them tonight and they look sooo cute, you would not even believe it!  They are the kind of shorts you don’t want a panty line in, so I have on my little white cotton thong which is ADORABLE!  I feel so sexy, home alone tonight…

A couple of the girls on my intramural volleyball team found out that my clit is pierced because my friend Nat has a big mouth and they were asking me these questions about it — which is totally cool, I love answering questions about that kind of stuff.

Anyway, my crush Bri found out that my clitty is pierced and he was all saying that he wanted to find out and everything… He did get my number but I think he’s playing hard to get b/c he called me once and then hasn’t called again.  I’ve been wanting his nice, hard cock.

There was also this guy there that I did fuck a few months ago and wow he has such a nice ass and I caught him checking me out so I’m sure we’ll be hooking up soon….

I need COCK!! 😉

Call me if you are horny

Love Tasha

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