Can I beg for you to cum all over my face?

Hey Everybody!

What is going on?  Summer is finally here and I’m loving every minute of it.  I have a nice new gold clit ring which you know I totally love!  It would feel so good if you were to just bury your face in my tight little pussy while you tongue fuck my hot teen pussy!

As you can tell, I’m just very horny tonight!  My town had the fireworks tonight for the forth of July, so I will be around this weekend if you feel like creating some of our own fireworks.  Boy, that sure was cheesy but I hope you liked my little joke!
Maybe if you call me we can play together… I feel like being a naughty little slut tonight for sure.  I just took a nice hot shower and I love the vanilla stuff my roommate gave me for my birthday, it makes me smell SO good.  I also shaved my pussy totally bald, my bikini is very skimpy so I did not want anybody to see any of my little triangle, so I am totally bald down there now again.  I just like it better that way – I think it looks hotter, don’t you?
Well hope you are having a fun night, I’m just chilling and listening to some Maroon 5… Enjoy every minute because you never know when it will be your last!!  That is my little quote of day for you guys 🙂

Love ~ Tasha

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