Pretty Little Tasha, All Sexy In Pink


I’m wearing my cute little new pink and white nightgown tonight.  It’s lacey around my boobies and  then it kind of goes out and it’s short around my tight little butt.  I have on little white satin bikini-cut panties that are so cute on my little round, sexy ass.

Hottie Tasha

I have this hot little fantasy where I’ve been a bad girl and I need a nice, hard spanking.  What do you think : )
Mmmm J, if you are reading this, I think that our last call was BETTER than ever!  I know that we both say it gets better each time but OMG wow…. you really made my sweet little pink pussy cum so hard!  I loved it when your tongue wiggled right up my tight little ass.  I also loved it when you were licking on my sexy little pink nipples… you always make them so hard!!

I’m a horny lil naughty girl with a lots of naughty little sex stories to share! I am going to make some popcorn tonight for dinner, YUMMY and then I’ll be around to play… yay!!!

Love Ya~


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