Whipped Cream Bikinis and Love in My Box – YAY

Hey Guys!!  Hope you are all having a great day so far…. Guess what – I painted my bedroom walls!!!  They are a Robin’s Egg Blue, which is almost like a bay blue color.  It is tooo adorable!  My roommate and I had a couple friends over over the weekend and we had ourselves a little painting party.  It was way fun.

I got the sweetest email from you-know-who. *wink*  I just love it when he sends me cute and sweet little sexy emails like this…. They turn me on so much!!

 Tasha, Good Morning Baby Doll. Read your blog last night, wanted to respond. MMMMM,Yummy!!! I agree sweetie, last call was BEST EVER!!!! I know we keep saying that, but as the saying goes,we are like “Fine Wine”, gets better with age. Grins.  Anyway, I wanted you to know I read it, and I can’t wait to lick your little nipples and stick my tongue up your sweet little asshole again!!

I keep reading it… and reading it again… and waiting for J to call or message me… *giggles*  We have lots of time left in our phone sex bank baby so no need to worry about that stuff…. Just PLAY time!! *smiles* J you are so hot… You know how to lick my pussy soooo good and especially when you fuck me… I love it when you put me up on my hands and knees and just pick a hole to fuck… Lately your lil babydoll has been wanting her tight little ass stuffed!

I hope you guys like reading this blog as much as I love updating…. You know me, I have to tell you all the juicy details!!

Oh, my roommate and I want to get some of that whipped cream in a can so we can make ourselves whipped cream bikinis!! *wink*  What better way to wrap up summer, huh??  I am just soooo horny lately… Is anybody wanting a good little fuck toy : )

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