Guess Who Has a Secret Admirer! OMG!

Oh Em Gee…. I have a secret admirer!!  I am soo excited about this.  I am the kind of girl who loves just a kind little note or something like that – so small things mean a ton to me.  WELL… today when I was on my way to return a dvd to Blockbuster… I went down to my car and guess what…. There was a single pink rose there!  I was like WOW yay!  There was a little TYPED note saying “Your eyes are so pretty I could get lost in them. Have a wonderful day, sweetie.”  NO SIGNATURE!  Wow, how exciting!

I’ve been thinking and thinking… who has been flirtatious lately?  There are definitely a couple guys who I definitely would not mind hitting on me if you know what I mean….  Soo naturally, I’ve been walking around, feeling entirely sexy, desirable, horny and mmm so wet.
Which all this just makes me think about J….. Big hugs and kisses to you baby… Your little notes always brighten my day, too!!! I love it when you go from nipple to nipple, making them stick out so much while you finger fuck my tight little fuck hole…

Can you tell I’m horny?

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