Tasty Little Tasha looking for a naughty older man to play with!

Hottie TashaHey Everybody!!!  Happy September!  Can you believe that summer is GONE already?  Oh well, I’ve been looking forward to going back to school anyway, sort of, because I am taking some really cool classes this semester.  Yay!

It’s been five whole days since I got fucked which is WAY too long for this little slut.  No wonder I’m so horny…. I’m such a little slut and I’m always needing cock.
I went to my American Lit class this morning and got the book list and stuff.  I met two new friends in that class already and it looks like it will be fun!!  Most of my classes are early morning, so it looks like I will be home by noon most days to start taking calls….  Which is awesome!  My favorite class I think is going to be the life drawing one, but I’m kind of nervous.  I actually thought about posing for a life drawing course would be fun…. Especially if it were a naked pose!!

I’ve done some bikini modeling and stuff, and it always turns me on to have my picture taken… It just makes me feel like a little star or something 🙂  I love feeling so sweet n sexy…

So yeah school is back in session… Is it time for my naughty school girl outfit?  I guess that is for you to decide! *wink*


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