Do you like to cum on a girl’s face?

Hey, guys!

Sorry that I was gone for a lil while…  Did you guys MISS ME?? I was on vacation and stuff… which was amazing…. I had like a full two weeks off from my college classes and I hardly knew what to do with myself.  It was so much fun, going back to my old home town and hanging out with my friends and family.  I even saw an old crush that I used to fuck back in the day when we were in high school!

Let’s just say we had a couple of hot, hot nights and fucking him again was even hotter than I remembered it.  The making out was so hot and I could tell he loved it when I started to go down on him.  A couple times he told me to stop because he was about to blow a big load of cum, right in my hot little teen mouth.

I definitely did make him shoot a big load of cum in my mouth and I even begged for it.  I said, please, Josh, please squirt your big dick all over my face.

We spent two nights together, fucking and sucking and being so naughty…. Now I’m missing his cock!  It was nice living near him and having him as a fuck buddy back in high school.

All this talk is just making me want even more cum…  I want some hot phone sex so bad.

Do you have some cum for me?  I promise to beg for cum like a naughty little slut, just for you.

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