Tasty Tasha’s Ready 4 Spring

Hey you!

How are you doing?  I’m sooo excited about Spring, so I thought I would write a lil poem about it below.


I love to role play and here are some of the naughty ones I love below!

S is for Schoolgirl…. I love wearing little plaid red skirts.
P is for Prostitute… I wanna roleplay a naughty young hooker for you!
R is for Rectal Exam… I need a finger in my asshole, for sure!
I is for Innocent… I want to be an innocent virgin girl for you.
N is for No Limits!  I never have any limits in Fantasy Land.
G is for G-spot!  Make sure to fuck my pussy nice and good so that I can cummm all over your cock when you call me!

Well, I hope you all  like my naughty little poem.



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