Beach Fun then a Beard Ride!

tashasthong1Fun day at the beach today!  I’m such a little water~bug sometimes.  I can’t get enough soaking up the sun and I just love hanging out at the beach with my friends.  There is this one really fun beach that is only about twenty minutes away, and I went with three of my girlfriends today.  It was fun in the sun for us blondies!

Mmm I’ve been having so much naughty phone sex and it really drives me crazy.  We are running some specials this week ONLY, so be sure to check them out on my phone sex page.  If you missed out, don’t worry, I’m worth every penny of the regular price!

I had the hottest call tonight.  First, I begged him to suck on his cock…. Then, I got up on his face and rode on his beard for a while.  We’ve played a lot, and I never knew he had a beard before… I love guys with beards, mustaches and goatees… Mmmm they feel so good!  He stuck his tongue right up into my tight little teenage asshole and it made me moan so loud, with him eating me like that.  He told me that he couldn’t take it much longer.. and I really wanted his cock in my sweet little ass.  So, he took his big, hard, fat cock and popped it right into my young lil ass.

I came hard, but dang it, I’m still horny!  Who wants to play?

Call me soon~

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