Do you like it when a girls nipples are hard and showing?

Hey guys!
How is your summer going?  Today, I’m just wearing a tight little short jean skirt and my red and white striped bikini top.  My little pussy is wet and juicy because I’ve already been playing with my tight little cunnie.
Guess what!  The other day, I had on my white bikini at the pool and my nipples were sooo hard.  So many guys kept on staring at them and they were like poking out SO much in my bikini top.  I must admit – I was turned on by it, but also kind of embarrassed!  Really though, I loved all that attention!
J and I did some hot sixty nining yesterday… Mmm I started calling him Daddy midway because I was so turned on!
<3 Tasha
Sexy Tasha
Sexy Tasha

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