Making him want a taste…

“Is this for me?” I asked him, rubbing my hand down his chest right to his cock. I was the barely legal babysitter that was Teen phone sexalways driving him crazy and I was loving every second of it.  Flouncing around in my short shorts and tight little tops certainly got his attention.  As a blonde phone sex slut, I always know how to get the kind of naughty attention that I crave.

“I’m here to pick up my check for the week,” I explained, smiling at him, knowingly, but not without getting in a little squeeze of his dick.

“Uh, yeah, okay,” he stammered, fumbling through the kitchen drawers for a pen.  I un-crossed my legs, revealing a sweet, pink lace thong that barely covered my little mound.  My little heel slid up his thigh and almost robitcally, he reached down to grab my ass and pull me forward. I pulled his face right between my tits and over between my legs.

I arched my back and spread my legs all the way apart, showing off my pretty little panties, sitting up on his counter.

“Fuck, you are bad,”  he complained in a complimentary sort of way.

“You love it,” I reminded him, reaching down and getting a handful of his dick, already rock-hard in his pants.

I knew that with the kids in bed and his wife in the shower, it was a risk, but one that he couldn’t help but take. I pulled over my pink panties, exposing my pussy and popped a finger right inside, rubbing on my little naked cunt with my fingers, slapping on it a little.  He started to bite up my thighs.

“Is this what you want?” I asked him with a seductive little grin.  I love coed phone sex and how you naughty older men just love how tasty and tiny I am.

For your own little toy to play with, dial me at 1*800*931*5905.   Have some fun with me… I’m a barely legal phone sex cutie and I love it.

Luv ~ Tasha

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