Tight, taboo teen phone girl seeks older man

If you’ve read my phone sex blog before, then you know that I’m no stranger to fucking around with an older, more-experienced man.  I’m into lots of taboo phone sex scenes, especially one where I’m particularly appreciated for my youthfulness & young voice.

From the moment I felt his big dick up against my tight little butt on the dance floor, I knew that we were both in trouble that evening.  I try and be good, but sometimes, it just feels good to be *bad*!  Anyway, I was twerking back Nawty lil coed phone sexon him, reaching down with my hands flat on the dance floor while he grabbed my waist and was grinding up against me with his big dick.  He was quite a bit older than me, but what is wrong with getting fucked by a Daddy type every now and then?

I bit my lip and stared right into his eyes, giving him my best bedroom eyes and seductive little sex kitten smile and he shot me a look right back which literally gave me goosebumps.

I still remember the way he took me in when he first laid eyes on me.   First, he said that he noticed my little bubble butt in my zebra print mini-dress and then he couldn’t take his eyes off my legs.  I noticed him mid-stare and the way he looked at me like I was a juicy, perfectly-grilled piece of steak and he’d been hungry for days.  His sheer manliness was enough to make me oh-so-horny just for him.

When I saw his goatee, it made me want to feel it tickling between my thighs while he feasted on my perfect little bald pussy.  In fact, it ended up tickling my little bald pussy lips a lot more than I ever imagined while I rode his face hard.

I was trying to be good, but when he mentioned “Free Mustache Rides,” I knew that this little pussy of mine was in for a wild ride (and so was his tongue), as it turned out.

That is one thing that I love about a guy with a few notches on his bed post (not to even mention how the whole Daddy thing is incredibly hot): how you don’t even need to help him along or show him what pleases you at all.  An older man makes me feel like I’m his guitar and he’s my Jimi Hendrix, working my body over just right.

Call this tight, young taboo coed phone sex cutie for a playful lil teen that will have your cock a-throbbin’!



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