Coach fucked us both

Tasha phone sex

Lately, I’ve been getting into doing two girl phone sex sessions.  It’s so much fun!  Lately, I’ve really been having fun with Dani.  Her real name is Danielle, but everybody calls her Dani.

We did this really hot session with this guy who is super naughty and has a huge dick.  He could not decide who should be head cheerleader, so he called us both into his office for a little bit of a “tryout” to see who could take the best care of his dick.  We both really love fantasy phone sex sessions and I have to say, we got into this one a whole lot!

Dani wore her naughty schoolgirl outfit and I was in my sexy little cheerleader outfit.  Dani shoved her boobies up in Coach’s face while I took out his big dick.  I jerked it on like a naughty little slut and neither one of us could believe how big it was!

I slapped Coach’s big dick up against my little juicy pussy and reminded him that a good cheerleader should be able to get up on top and ride him like a champ.  He grabbed my tight ass and slapped his balls up against my ass.

Just when I was fucking him good, Dani decided that she wanted to get up on Coach’s big dick and have her turn on his bologna pony.

“Get off his dick, Tasha,” she haughtily demanded, “Now it’s my turn.”

She moved her hips around in a circle and squeezed her pussy muscles around his big dick.  I have to say, watching her fuck on his big dick made me have to finger fuck my pussy while I watched!

“Suck on her tits while she rides me, Tasha,” Coach told me and you know that I could not even wait to get my naughty little mouth on those nipples!

That was one wild coed phone sex session that Dani and I won’t forget – I tell you what!

Love n Hugs~
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