Do you need to be milked?

I’m a prick-teasing princess with a penchant for penis control and bringing you to the edge time and time again.  When you call my number (and it does ring directly into my home, by the way), you are in for a memorable coed phone sex experience that will leave you fully drained.  Well, that is, if you’re lucky! Coed phone sex

“Aww,” I giggled, “Do you really want to cum?”

He was so speechless (and clearly excited) that he could hardly reply.

“You’re adorable little voice… and that addictive giggle…” me whispered into the phone.

“Do you like it when I grab hold of your dick in my tight little fist, working your head up and down while I bounce on those fat, squishy balls with my sexy little fingers?”

“Tasha,” he managed, “Please.”

I worked his big, naughty dick and gave him a naughty little smile.  I slid the top of my leather heel under his balls and bounced them around a little bit, lifting up my naughty schoolgirl skirt to show him my little panties, which were way too tight, but showed off my barely legal pussy perfectly. I yanked my panties up in between my pussy lips a little and wiggled around on his desk.

I grabbed the back of his head and shoved him into my tight little pantied crotch.

I love wrapping my little hand around a big, throbbing dick and basically doing whatever I want with it.  I’m an extreme phone sex seductress and I just love milking cocks.  That is, after I make sure that you’re almost uncontrollably to hold off any longer.

I enjoy cock control, lots of teasing and being a naughty schoolgirl, milking princess and lots more.  I want to get my hands around your dick and have my naughty little way with you!  Even if you have an extreme phone sex fantasy.  Lay back and don’t be afraid to get super extreme with me.  Bad girls like me love to be very bad.

Love and Licks,

Coed phone sex cutie Tasha

1 – 800 – 931 – 5905

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