Mommy Jane showed me how

“Let’s do a barely 18 phone sex call where it’s your 18th birthday and you are doing your first porno,” he suggested.  I smiled young voice phone sexand nodded, almost forgetting that he could not see me from his side of the phone.  He warned me that he had a few surprises in his tool belt, which was exciting.  I love making the phone sex fantasies very naughty and full of surprises, especially kinky ones!

“Yeah,  let’s do it!” I could not wait to get started.  From the moment I hear his voice, I know that he is going to “bring it” with the extreme ideas and he is always up for a really naughty coed phone sex call.

“I’m 18 years old and I’m here for my first porno film,” I tried to be enthusiastic, but I was honestly a little bit scared.  I mean, I had fucked a lot before, but I was not expecting so many hot lights and so many people in the room.

Imagine my surprise when there was both a man and a woman who came onto the set!  A very gorgeous, sensual, older woman who called herself “Mommy” showed up to the set to show me the ropes, which turned out to be the then-hottest sexual experience of my life — and it was even caught on film, which of course made it extra fun and hot.

She wrapped my little fingers around his big dick.  She was pretending that the

I enjoy playing with Jane because we just have this playful little banter.  Sometimes, Jane even feels like my real Mom, which is cute but can be a little strange.  She actually got me into phone sex and we really enjoy mommy phone sex calls where I can be a good girl just for her.  Does it turn you on — thinking about Jane teaching me just how to play with you?  Her moods range from sensual to domineering, but one thing is for sure — her pussy gets wet when I call her “Mommy!”  How naughty is that?

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Here’s a pic of Mommy Jane.  Click her big tits to find out more about her!

Mommy Jane phone sex

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