My braces made him hard

Coed phone sex can just be so exciting.  I love the whole teacher/student dynamic.  If you’re in the mood for naughty schoolgirl phone sex, you may have just met your match.

Naughty schoolgirl phone sexI could tell from the way he looked at me after he read my name while taking attendance that he wanted me.

“Tasha Cooper?” he leered, but not in a creepy way.  Besides, it’s not like I could blame him, necessarily.   I egged him on also.  He’d be talking Integrals while I was approximating just how many of his fingers would fit in me if I had my legs spread at Denny’s.

From the first time he strutted into the small night class, I knew that he’d be a wild fuck.  He had a bald head, big hands and just the right amount cockiness that made me want his cock right in my mouth.

I wanted to wear a naughty schoolgirl outfit and show up at his doorstep at midnight.  I wanted to lovingly caress his cock while he sucked on my bubble gum lips, fingering it through his pants while I inhaled his spicy cologne.  The idea that he could have gone to high school with my dad was a turn-on for me.

It’s not that I had Daddy Issues (Okay, maybe just a little..), but I love being a naughty little girl for an older man who sometimes just is in the mood to take what he wants.   I wanted him to show me the ropes, to jerk off in my mouth, to make me beg for his cock while it pressed up against my young little pussy lips, bending before sinking in.

I wanted Teacher’s Cock and as it turns out, he wanted me, too.

I love being a bad girl and I specialize in younger girl fantasies, age play, taboo phone sex and lots more.

Tasha 1-800-931-5905

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