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Some people have asked me why I’m called Tasty Tasha.  While I thought the answer was pretty obvious, I guess I should just tell you, take a taste of this pretty little pussy and you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven!  I’m warning you, I moan so sweet while you lick me and my taste is sooo juicy and sweet that it will practically ruin you for other pussy.

I had some hot hotel sex with J the other night!  He was partying a little and was feeling like a wild man.  He decided that he was wanting some super hot phone sex with two little coed phone sex cuties, which of course doubles the fun for me!   I love dick and pussy, so fun was definitely had by all!

I started off by sucking on his huge, naughty prick and squishing my fingers into his huge balls.  I decided to get super naughty and I slid my tongue right where the sun doesn’t shine!  He moaned, so I figured that my tongue’s naughty little rendezvous was more than welcome.  He also lets us call him “Daddy,” which only adds to the naughtiness and enjoyment.

My coed phone sex partner in crime got up on his face and rode his tongue hard and fast.  I guess he was taking a card from me, ’cause soon he was licking her sweet little ass, too!

“I want both of your little asses,” he moaned, so we obliged and got up on all fours, arching our backs and spreading open our little butt cheeks for him to fuck.  She was rubbing her sexy little tushie against mine and he started popping his big dick up my ass then hers and then back to mine!

I really had a feeling that one of our tight asses was going to be pumped full of cum, but he said that he wanted to cum all over our pretty little faces.  Now, my slutty little teenage friend loves cum swapping with me, so he pulled out of her tight ass and started to jerk off all over our sexy little faces!

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My first butt fuck!

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I still remember the first time I ever got fucked in the ass.  

I wasn’t very experienced at the time,  but the guy who I was dating was very much into it.

“No way, not THERE!” I would joke with him whenever he lined his dick up to my ass.  Hey, I was just not ready to “go there” yet and he understood.

One night, he had my little skirt flipped up and he was eating me from behind.  I was wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit that he got me and I was feeling really naughty.  He was finger-fucking my pussy and kissing all over my butt cheeks.  Before I knew it, he spread open my tight butt cheeks and was licking me hard from behind – thrusting his tongue deep in my tush!  I must admit, it felt really-fucking-good, so of course I was begging for more.

Soon, a finger replaced where he had his tongue and I was fucking back on his finger with my tight little teenage butt.  I squirmed a little, but in a good way.

He spun me around and I wrapped my sweet little hand around his thick dick.  I jerked him off good and sucked lovingly on his big, throbbing head.  He grabbed my blonde high ponytail and sunk his big cock up in my mouth.  Little did I know then, he was getting his big dick nice and wet so that he could pop my anal cherry!  Looking back, it seems pretty obvious, but you have to realize, I was pretty innocent..(back then!)

To get on with it, he stood behind me and was doing me deep doggy-style from behind.  I was up on all fours with my back arched and I was grabbing on his big balls while he fucked my pussy deep.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I fucked back on his big dick, rubbing my clit while he pounded me deep.

He buried my face into the pillow and slid his massive cock head up against my little butt.

“Relax,” he instructed while he grabbed my waist.

His cock head was pressing up into my tiny little butt hole and I wanted it there!  He slapped his cock all over my sweet, young asshole, up and down and all around… then he slowly popped it in.

I squealed with pain and delight.  My head popped up and my mouth opened up, involuntarily. He went slow at first, then he started to ruthlessly use my tiny little sweet ass.  He didn’t last long up there, but we butt fucked two more times that night, so you do the math!  Call me for some sweet anal phone sex~

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Birthday Poem For J

I told him I had a birthday present for him…. and so he called me.  He always turns me on soooo much.  Even when I see his name pop up on IM, I know he’s a very naughty older man who just loves a little teen slut like me.

B is for bad… I’ve been bad and I need a spanking!
I is for innocent… I act like I’m innocent, but I’m not…
R is for ready… I’m always ready to play with J!
T is for tease… I love to tease his asshole with my tongue!
H is for hottie… He tells me I’m a little hottie while he fingers my tight pussy.
D is for daddy… He’s my naughty phone sex daddy!
A is for anal… We both love anal so much..
Y is for yummy… I love his yummy cum!!

I hope you had a very special birthday, J.  I am glad that I got to celebrate it a little bit with you!


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Hey guys!
My first week back to school went so awesome.  I am going to do some shopping tonight for some new school clothes…. I am looking for a new little plaid skirt.  I just love driving all the guys totally wild with my sexy little outfits.  My friend and I are going to this new raw restaurant tonight.  Maybe there will be some cute boys there.

I am totally excited about all the guys who told me the they love my tits, so don’t worry, I never will get fake ones.  Mine are big enough… especially for petite little me.

I’m really in the mood to such some dick tonight.


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How are you doing?  I’m great.   I was thinking about getting implants, but honestly, I think I like having perky little titties.  They are very sensitive and I don’t want to lose feeling in them.  Hey, they love being sucked on!

Are you in the mood to fuck around?  Is your dick feeling a little big neglected?  Have you been stroking for a while and you’re in the mood to shoot cum all over a little hottie?

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Beach Fun then a Beard Ride!

tashasthong1Fun day at the beach today!  I’m such a little water~bug sometimes.  I can’t get enough soaking up the sun and I just love hanging out at the beach with my friends.  There is this one really fun beach that is only about twenty minutes away, and I went with three of my girlfriends today.  It was fun in the sun for us blondies!

Mmm I’ve been having so much naughty phone sex and it really drives me crazy.  We are running some specials this week ONLY, so be sure to check them out on my phone sex page.  If you missed out, don’t worry, I’m worth every penny of the regular price!

I had the hottest call tonight.  First, I begged him to suck on his cock…. Then, I got up on his face and rode on his beard for a while.  We’ve played a lot, and I never knew he had a beard before… I love guys with beards, mustaches and goatees… Mmmm they feel so good!  He stuck his tongue right up into my tight little teenage asshole and it made me moan so loud, with him eating me like that.  He told me that he couldn’t take it much longer.. and I really wanted his cock in my sweet little ass.  So, he took his big, hard, fat cock and popped it right into my young lil ass.

I came hard, but dang it, I’m still horny!  Who wants to play?

Call me soon~

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Hello there….

I’m so proud to be an American today!  Looking back on the MLK Jr speech and looking at Obama giving that incredible speech in the same place… right in front of Lincoln…. I mean… How could you not be proud to be an American at a time like this? Voters turned out in records…. Equality and change is finally coming.  No matter your political views, it’s nice to see America so united.  We are the “united” States, after all!  It’s nice to let freedom ring.

All this exciting stuff makes me so excited and in such a good mood.  Guess what else totally made my day!  J called and it had been such a long time since I’d heard his sexy voice!  Well, not that long, but it felt like a really long time.  He fucked my ass hard, just like I love it.  I was begging him to fuck my ass harder, which made him do it even harder, then he spun me around and shoved his dick right back into my mouth.  I love ass-to-mouth.  It’s so fun and naughty.  Big licks in your cock and fingers in your ass, J!  You know I just love our time together.

I have been playing with my little pussy so much lately.  I love masturbating.  Sometimes, I just can’t get enough.  I love watching videos on xtube too with my naughty callers!  M had me watching some very hot videos on there the other day and we were pretending that I was the little hottie in the porno.  It was hot.  Maybe we can do it together, you and me, if I turn you on.  I’m always looking for new guys to masturbate with… You know me, I’m a naughty little teenage nympho and I never can get enough!

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Hottie Tasha
Hottie Tasha

Fun in the sun and double the cum this weekend : )

Hey Everybody!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far… It sure is a pretty day today.  I just got back from a little picnic with friends and it was so fun!  I have on these short white shorts and they are super hot.  I had to sit on the blanket because wearing white shorts does not mix with sitting on the ground, but I had so much fun with Jessica and Emily and Megan.  My little pink halter top looks great and I got a little tan, too.

OMG this weekend was the best… I got to play with J TWO TIMES!  Mmm…. J knows exactly how to turn me on.  He fucked me so hard, right in my tight little ass!  I love butt fucking.  I love having my ass cheeks spread apart wide while I get a big dick right up my tight little ass.  Mmm… it was so much fun playing with you, J! *big kisses*

I’m really in the mood for some hot Role Play.
I’m listening to “Build Me Up Buttercup…” and I love that song…. I guess until then, I’ll be beside the phone, waiting for you!  *giggles*  Get it?  That is from the song!

Well hope you are all doing well, just wanted to check in!!
Your Lil Sexpot~


Time For My Sexy Short Shorts!

Hey Guys!

Hottie TashaWhat is going on??  I hope that you are all doing great… Today was sooo pretty outside!!  I loved it.  I lotioned up my legs and even got a bit of a tan started.  I also painted my toenails a nice deep red color and they look really sexy.

I picked up some cauliflower and broccoli seeds because I’m going to have a cute little small garden this year!  I have never had a garden before, so I’m very excited about it.  Last year, my friend made some squash and zucchini so she is showing me how to get started on my lil garden.  I know that I will have on my little daisy dukes on when I am out gardening, showing off my sexy little body.

Mmm big kisses to J, you are so hot and I loved LOVED our last call… I love getting the chance to 69 with you, J…. It makes my pussy so wet!  I love it when you work your finger up my tight little ass.. mmm… I’ve been in the mood for a nice, hard ass fucking!!  I love to get my ass slapped while I get it fucked…

I got my ass fucked a few days ago and OMG it was hotter than hot!

I love anal sex!!

Hope you are all having a lovely May Day!



Tasha’s Tushie Loves Anal!

Hello Guys! How is everybody doing today?  I’m up and at ’em early today… I just can’t get that hot call from J out of my head…. We got to play three times this week and let me just tell you – he really knows how to get me OFF!  I hope you read this J because you are just too sweet and you know I love it when you suck on these little titties while you finger fuck my tight little pussy.  I had so much fun last time, with you fingering my little asshole while you sucked on my clitty… Did you like that? It turned me on so much when you decided you wanted anal sex, you know I’m a hot little anal slut! *big smiles*

I’m just getting some studying done for my test tomorrow so if you want to call me feel free to interrupt, giggles, because I sure could use some hot phone sex this morning… Or later on…

Well, have a great week everybody and I’d love you to comment, J… *smiles*
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Got Fucked So Good In The Shower!

OMG I had the best sex last night.  I was bent over in my shower with my face sort of pressed against the wall with this guy fucking me sooo hard from behind.  He had my hands pulled back and I was bent over, wiggling hot ass back against him while he stuck his thumb up my little asshole.  This went on for so long… His huge cock stretching my pussy out while he thumb~fucked my sweet, young asshole.  He let go of my hands and started fucking me even faster while he pinched on my nipples hard.  I moaned while he pushed his big dick head up against my tight asshole, squeezed the head inside and shot a big load of sticky, hot cum, right up my ass.
This is the kind of fuckin that makes me STAY horny… I hope I get some hot calls today… I sure am horny enough.
Luv n Hugs
Tasty Tasha!