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Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905Hey guys!

YAY the sun was out today!  Fun!  I just love fun in the sun.  I can’t wait til the weather really turns and I can go out in my short shorts.  I have really sexy legs and I love getting them kissed.

The last guy who ate my pussy… OMG he did such a good job of licking on my lil teenage pussy.  It felt so good when he stuck his tongue in and out of my little pussy.  He told me how good it tasted and then he came up and gave me a nice, hot French kiss.  I love making out and oral sex.  When pinched my little pink nipples, it was enough to throw me over the edge and cummm all over his face.  He’s older and he really enjoys/appreciates eating my tight little young pussy…. HAWT!!! Are you in the mood for some pussy eating phone sex?

Do you want to call and tell me all about how you’d eat me out? We could mix it up… you tell me how you’d lick my pussy and I’ll tell you about the last cock that filled me up with cum. Maybe what you really want is some cum eating phone sex instead!?

Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905

“Ladies first” teen phone sex

Sexy Teen phone sex slut Tasha

“You’re not allowed to cum until I tell you,” I giggled.  I have been with enough guys (on and off the phone) to know that once a guy cums, it’s basically the grand finale and the end of the show.   I’m just as much of a cum slut as the next phone girl, but hey, I like to get off, also.  He called me for some coed phone sex and I have a feeling that I was giving him more than he bargained for, which not only turned me on, but made me smile a little.

“Yes, Tasha,” he managed as I shoved his face into my pretty little pussy.

“Lick harder,” I encouraged him.  He didn’t exactly respond with words, but I could feel his tongue picking up the speed, flicking my clit back and forth with his naughty, wet tongue.

“You taste so good,” he said right into my pussy and it took me a moment to figure out what he said.  I guided his hands up to my tits.  I have very sensitive nipples, so while I don’t like them to be full-on pinched hard, the girls do enjoy some attention, so don’t be afraid to lick and suck on them sweetly.  Don’t worry, I will let you know if you go too hard on my pretty pink nipples.

I giggled as I saw his dick, twitching for me and dripping with pre-cum.  I took my little foot and toyed with his balls, which felt squishy to the touch, indicating to me that they were already full of cum, which explained his eagerness to get off.    He moaned angrily when I slid the arch of my little size six up and down his shaft, keeping it rock-hard as he ate me.

I may specialize in teen phone sex, but that does not mean that I do not know what I want (and need!)

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those old-fashioned girls who believes in “Ladies First” — even in the bedroom.

Your blonde phone sex girlfriend experience,

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I love licking cum off big titties

Hey there!  Just got back from a little Christmas party.  My cousin gave me the cutest little bikini!  Her big boobs are way bigger than mine and she got it  for xmas, so she just passed it along to me.  Cool, huh??  One time, we had this hot threesome with a guy.  Well, it was not really a threesome… just me sucking on her tits while we both sucked his cock and she sucked on my boobs too.  He shot it all over her big tits and I ended up licking up all the cum off of her titties.  I can tell you all kinds of naughty stories if you like talking dirty!

I’m in the mood to be a good little cocksucker tonight and maybe even a little cheerleader slut!!  What do you have in mind, baby?  I want to make your big dick feel really good.  I’m a pretty little blonde slut that will make your dick so big and hard.  Let’s have an orgasm together.  I love masturbation.

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Hey guys!
My first week back to school went so awesome.  I am going to do some shopping tonight for some new school clothes…. I am looking for a new little plaid skirt.  I just love driving all the guys totally wild with my sexy little outfits.  My friend and I are going to this new raw restaurant tonight.  Maybe there will be some cute boys there.

I am totally excited about all the guys who told me the they love my tits, so don’t worry, I never will get fake ones.  Mine are big enough… especially for petite little me.

I’m really in the mood to such some dick tonight.


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How are you doing?  I’m great.   I was thinking about getting implants, but honestly, I think I like having perky little titties.  They are very sensitive and I don’t want to lose feeling in them.  Hey, they love being sucked on!

Are you in the mood to fuck around?  Is your dick feeling a little big neglected?  Have you been stroking for a while and you’re in the mood to shoot cum all over a little hottie?

Do you want to shove your fat dick up my young little ass?  Are you looking for a sexy blonde teen cocksucker to please your dick?

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Back from Vacation and now on Twitter!

Hey, guys… did you miss me when I was on a lil mini vacation?  I’m sure you all did, huh? *smiles*

I’m so glad to be home.  When I was away, I found the cutest plant ever.  It’s called a wandering jew.  The guy told me that it’s really hard to kill, which is good because I seem to kill all kinds of plants without even trying.  LOL.  But really… this one… seemed to call to me, so I wandered right over and grabbed it up.  The sales guy was telling me that I could put a hook on head and take him home too, but he doesn’t clean.

Sooo how are you all doing?  I’m home all alone, wearing my hot new mini and sexy clear heels.  I really need a nice, hard fuck.  I bet I could make something of yours nice and hard… Is anybody up for some extreme phone sex?

I’m a horny blonde who needs sex!

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Hey guys!
How is your summer going?  Today, I’m just wearing a tight little short jean skirt and my red and white striped bikini top.  My little pussy is wet and juicy because I’ve already been playing with my tight little cunnie.
Guess what!  The other day, I had on my white bikini at the pool and my nipples were sooo hard.  So many guys kept on staring at them and they were like poking out SO much in my bikini top.  I must admit – I was turned on by it, but also kind of embarrassed!  Really though, I loved all that attention!
J and I did some hot sixty nining yesterday… Mmm I started calling him Daddy midway because I was so turned on!
<3 Tasha
Sexy Tasha
Sexy Tasha

Can’t stop thinking about cock

Hey everybody!  How is everybody doing?  Today is amazing outside…. I just painted a cute little bird feeder and hung it outside in my back yard.  It is so much fun to watch all the pretty birdies coming up and eating the food.  I was laying out, trying to get a good start on my tan.  Do you think that tan lines are sexy?  I sure do!

I’ve definitely been enjoying my summer vacation.  Partying and fucking a lot, hehe.  Hey… I can’t help it… I’m a naughty little fuck toy and I love to fuck and suck.  It seems like I’m always thinking about and wanting cock.  Maybe I should go to a psychiatrist and tell him that I’m a cock-obsessed little hottie and I need a serum to make me better.  Maybe he would pump some of his doctor-serum-cum into my sweet little mouth to make me all better.

I really need some cock right now.  I love the way a dick feels when it’s not all the way hard yet and it sort of grows out of my mouth.  I also like it when a guy is not afraid to fuck my little mouth.  J loves to fuck my mouth.  He just loves fucking me really hard.  I love it when we sixty-nine and also when I fuck his ass.  We love being fuck buddies.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I love it when a guy fucks me really hard and I think I finally know why.  I mean, it feels really good and makes my tight pussy cum good, but I really love it when he needs me so bad that he just needs to fuck me good and hard… like he just can’t resist it, you know?

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Beach Fun then a Beard Ride!

tashasthong1Fun day at the beach today!  I’m such a little water~bug sometimes.  I can’t get enough soaking up the sun and I just love hanging out at the beach with my friends.  There is this one really fun beach that is only about twenty minutes away, and I went with three of my girlfriends today.  It was fun in the sun for us blondies!

Mmm I’ve been having so much naughty phone sex and it really drives me crazy.  We are running some specials this week ONLY, so be sure to check them out on my phone sex page.  If you missed out, don’t worry, I’m worth every penny of the regular price!

I had the hottest call tonight.  First, I begged him to suck on his cock…. Then, I got up on his face and rode on his beard for a while.  We’ve played a lot, and I never knew he had a beard before… I love guys with beards, mustaches and goatees… Mmmm they feel so good!  He stuck his tongue right up into my tight little teenage asshole and it made me moan so loud, with him eating me like that.  He told me that he couldn’t take it much longer.. and I really wanted his cock in my sweet little ass.  So, he took his big, hard, fat cock and popped it right into my young lil ass.

I came hard, but dang it, I’m still horny!  Who wants to play?

Call me soon~

If I opened my legs, would you lick my sweet little teen pussy?

Last night was soooo hot.  I got fucked by this new guy and OMG could he lick my pussy!  He kept telling me how sweet I tasted as he buried his face right between my legs.  I met him at a frat party a couple months ago, but this was the first time we had ever messed around.  He was the best kisser so I guess I should have known that he would know how to eat my pussy just right…. Mmmm… It totally got me off so hard, all over his face!

I really love two girl calls… They are so much fun!  I had the hottest two girl session with Paradise and I was her little cock slut bitch.   I loved it when she let me lick her pussy and get a big black dick from behind.  We had so much naughty and nasty fun…

I’m just at home today, enjoying my Sunday.  I’m really horny today and I want to cum, cum, cum but it’s just no fun to cum all alone!

Brand New Bikini to Cover My Hot Young Pussy! *wink*

Tasha 1-800-931-5905
Tasha 1-800-931-5905

Hey Everybody!!

Who else is ready for bikini season?  I sure am!  Today, my friend Brooke and I went to this one mall and they had a TON of summer apparel on sale, all like 75% off and more.  I got this sexy new bikini.  It’s white and it has a silver ring right between my tits and the bottom is a little tie-up number.  I wanted some of the cork sandals they had there, but I could not find any in my size, which is a six.

I just love sexy bikinis and I can’t wait to get back out on the beach!

My roommate surprised me this morning by making me blueberry muffins, which are my favorite!  She is gone now though and I’m home all alone… Poor little me… looking for a nice man to play with!  Or maybe a naughty man — how about that?

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and we are having  ONE DAY ONLY special so be sure to check me out on fantasies and for complete details on this one day special.  When the specials cum around, they cum and go quick so be sure to take full advantage of this.  *wink*  You guys know I love to fuck… and to save you a buck with our specials!

Anyway, hope all is going good for you all… I just really am in the horniest mood ever tonight.  I cannot get fucking out of my mind.  I was watching some very hot videos on that got my pussy nice and wet.  I got fucked really hard last night, which makes me need more cock.

Love your Lil Nympho Friend,

I love mutual masturbation and watching pornos with hot guys, too… Do you wanna play with a sexy little teen slut?

Hello there….

I’m so proud to be an American today!  Looking back on the MLK Jr speech and looking at Obama giving that incredible speech in the same place… right in front of Lincoln…. I mean… How could you not be proud to be an American at a time like this? Voters turned out in records…. Equality and change is finally coming.  No matter your political views, it’s nice to see America so united.  We are the “united” States, after all!  It’s nice to let freedom ring.

All this exciting stuff makes me so excited and in such a good mood.  Guess what else totally made my day!  J called and it had been such a long time since I’d heard his sexy voice!  Well, not that long, but it felt like a really long time.  He fucked my ass hard, just like I love it.  I was begging him to fuck my ass harder, which made him do it even harder, then he spun me around and shoved his dick right back into my mouth.  I love ass-to-mouth.  It’s so fun and naughty.  Big licks in your cock and fingers in your ass, J!  You know I just love our time together.

I have been playing with my little pussy so much lately.  I love masturbating.  Sometimes, I just can’t get enough.  I love watching videos on xtube too with my naughty callers!  M had me watching some very hot videos on there the other day and we were pretending that I was the little hottie in the porno.  It was hot.  Maybe we can do it together, you and me, if I turn you on.  I’m always looking for new guys to masturbate with… You know me, I’m a naughty little teenage nympho and I never can get enough!

TASHA! 1-800-931-5905

Hottie Tasha
Hottie Tasha