Foot fetish phone sex never felt this good

“I’m feeling so horny tonight,” I admitted to him on the phone.  He told me that he loved the fact that I have braces and Tasha phone sexhe also loved how young and sexy I sounded.  I do look and sound younger than I am.  I’m a coed phone sex cutie, but I do enjoy getting naughty in other ways as well.

“I have a bit of a foot fetish,” he confessed, “I want you to put on your highest heels and let me hear you walking around in them.”  Nearly without thinking, I obeyed him and started to prance around my floors, knowing that I was probably giving him a huge boner, simply from the clickity-clicks of my super high red heels.

“I want to slide my little heel up between your legs… while we’re out at a fancy restaurant… showing you my sexy tits pouring out of the top of my little dress,” I started to seduce him.  I heard him begin to breathe harder on the phone, which only made my little pussy get nice and wet.

I took off my heel and slowly worked my pantyhose clad little foot over his ever-growing boner, bouncing around his fat balls a little with my naughty, tiny, teasing toes.  His face turned red and I just kept toying with his balls before moving up to his big, juicy head with my tiny little prick teasing feet.

On the way home from our date, I rested my little feet up his lap while he nervously drove.

“This is dangerous, you know,” he smiled at me, half-seriously.

“Oh, do you want me to stop?” I smiled at him and slid my fingers into my sexy little panties, teasing my little pink button in a circle as worked that dick up into a huge, raging boner.

“You’re going to get it when we get back to my place,” he warned me.

I really enjoy foot fetish phone sex, mutual masturbation phone sex and turning you on in teasing ways that your dick so deserves.

When you dial my toll free number, please have your credit card ready and I will get you approved and we can start our naughty little phone sex fantasy together.  I will answer when you dial in.

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Merciless cock teasing princess Tasha

Hi there!  My name is Tasha and I specialize in barely legal phone sex and other types of teen phone sex fantasies.  I’m Sexy Tashaoutgoing, kind, naughty and often times a naughty little tease.  When I’m good, I’m a very good girl, and when I’m bad, I’m better.  (I feel like I should give credit to Mae West here.)

I love to be a naughty little phone sex cock tease and make you oh-so-hard for this little body.  Do you like how my little butt looks in this naughty schoolgirl outfit?  You know you want to kiss up my thighs and get your face right between my sexy legs, kissing your way up my calves and thighs until you are right between my legs, just barely able to sniff my sweet little honey-pot.

I will pull my panties over and show you this delicious little bald pussy while I rub my fingers up and down my juicy little slit, rubbing my little toes on the front of your pants where your hard-on is.

“Uh~on,” I giggle, “Is my pretty little cunnie making you hard?”   I spread apart my lips with two fingers, all the while rubbing my tiny little foot on your boner while I smile into your eyes.

I will get up on all fours, arching my back and pulling up my short, schoolgirl skirt, flipping it up.  Slide your dick between the arches of my feet and kiss on each of my butt cheeks.  Lick my adorable little pussy and let me fuck back on it like it were a big dick.

As you can see, I’m feeling like a naughty little fuck bunny and I am more than ready to have some fun with you and your dick!  Be prepared to be mercilessly cock teased by this teen phone sex kitten.

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Sexy Blonde Cocksucker


How are you doing?  I’m great.   I was thinking about getting implants, but honestly, I think I like having perky little titties.  They are very sensitive and I don’t want to lose feeling in them.  Hey, they love being sucked on!

Are you in the mood to fuck around?  Is your dick feeling a little big neglected?  Have you been stroking for a while and you’re in the mood to shoot cum all over a little hottie?

Do you want to shove your fat dick up my young little ass?  Are you looking for a sexy blonde teen cocksucker to please your dick?

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Pampering My Pretty Princess Toes


Me, Teasing!


I found the cutest sandals today!  This was after I got a pedicure done on my feet.  My aunt sent me a gift certificate to this day spa, so my friend Tina and I went in and got our feet massaged really good and now I have pretty red toenails.  Tina got a french manicure on her toes and they are so pretty too, maybe next time I could try that too.  Anyway, the sandals are clear and have a really high heel on them.  REALLY high.  Tina was caling them my fuckme pumps, lol.  I decided to go for it because I have such an obsession for cute sandals.  They just make my legs looks so sexy, I think.  They sort of make my legs look even more muscular than they are… I think I have nice legs… I like to have them rubbed when I’m getting FUCKED!

Why does everything with me have to lead back to something naughty?  Because I’m a dirty little slut, of course!  🙂  I love being a little cock teasing tramp… There is not much more fun than that!  I think I have a new sex position of the day, lol.  I love sticking my little ass right up in the air when a guy is behind me, rubbing his big dick up and down my hot lil teenage hole.  I like to beg for cock too, I think sluts should, so I beg to be fucked and then I love getting fucked like a True little Tasty Tramp!

Mmmm I talked to J after what had been way too long!  It was so much fun, getting really naughty with him.  I just love it when I gag on that big dick of his then slide my naughty tongue right up his ass!  J, you are just so much fun to talk to and I hope that you have a string of better luck… big hugs!  You know I love being your lil oral princess 🙂

 Well, I’m excited about wife swap tonight, I hope it’s on, it’s funny because they change out the wives and the kids and husband have to abide by new rules.. I’m sure it will be FUNNY like usual… giggles.

Licks ~ Tasha

Pretty Painted Toes

I just got my first pedicure done yesterday! I went with my best friend Stacey and we had such a blast! We also got our nails done, but the pedicure is what I’m most excited about. Right after she got through pampering my feet, the girl painted my toenails a nice, bright red color. Stacey got a French manicure and she had a hot guy giving rubbing her feet and doing her pedicure. She looked so hot, with her foot in his strong hands…. The way it was only inches away from his cock turned me on so much!

Stacey and I want to go get toe rings today, sterling silver maybe. I think that gold may look cute on my hot little toes, too… That pedicure yesterday is leaving me wanting one thing… a big dick between my sexy little feet! Would you like me to jerk you off with my hot feet, showing you my cute little cunt while I slide my hot lil feet up and down your dick?

I just put some lotion on my feet too, I feel like I’m obsessed with them today and they are so soft and smooth, perfect for playing with your big cream-filled balls!