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So lately, I have had a naughty little craving for chocolate.  It’s like, once I get a

White whore loves black dick
White slut loves black cock

little bit of that big, black cock, my little teen pussy just craves more, more more!  I never even really considered myself to be a “size queen,” but wow, I think that I really am!  It’s like, once I get fucked by a black dick that day, I just seem to finger-fuck my pussy and even fuck myself with my big, black dildo… Sadly, though, when I need a big mandingo dick, nothing else even comes close to satisfying my little naughty slutty white pussy.  I’m becoming quite the little black cock fuck toy, but guess what, world?  I love the big ol’ black dick and it really satisfies me.  I have been talking about it on my twitter.  My one black boyfriend even told me that I needed more than just his big one.  He wanted to show me off to his friend and I was totally game!

He started off my smacking his huge piece of meat right between my fat, white titties and started to pinch and pull on my nips.

“Suck my big dick, you fucking white whore,” he instructed and I gladly gobbled it up.  I stroked his fat sausage into my hungry, horny little teenage mouth until it was hard as a rock.

He bent me right over and started to jack himself off into my pussy.  I could feel my little bald cunnie starting to open right up around his black rod and I liked it!  My back arched and my head popped up when he finally managed to squeeze that large thing up into me.

I asked him what size condom he wore, and he told me he would like to see me get a condom on his huge mandingo dick!  He sure did us my little white pussy hard — just like a little petite blonde black cock slut like me needs.

I would love to do a re-enactment of me getting fucked by that huge thing, so just let me know if you want to hear what it sounds like when I’m getting gang banged by a big group of black men.

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Hey everybody!!!  How are you doing tonight?  I hope you are feeling dirty, like I am.  I love being a good little fuck slut for cock… I really love to play with a cock, stroke it and smile up at you while I slide it right into my mouth. I love being a dirty little blonde cocksucker!

Of course, I love to have my sweet little pussy licked on as well… that is so hot!  J calls me his Oral Princess because we love to sixty-nine.  That is definitely one of our favorite positions!  I think that J really liked my little wet fingers popping in and out of his tight ass while I sucked on his fat dick because his fat cock kept getting harder, fatter and longer in my sweet little mouth.

I’d like to give a little shout-out to anybody who has helped me cum on my vibrator because it’s fucking awesome! Seriously, I have this new toy and it’s called a bullet.  It should be called a MAGIC bullet because it feels so good while it’s rubbing against my tight little pussy.

Oh, be sure to follow me on Twitter to get my newest updates as to what I’m doing!  Sometimes, I will just update my Twitter and not my blog because it is quick and I can even do it from my cell phone.  I like to give you guys all the naughty updates of all my fuck stories, on Twitter I’m SuperSexyBlonde.

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What is going on tonight?  Are you out on the internet, checking out to see if you can find one of those hot teen phone sex numbers?  If so, you should definitely check me out.  I’m a sexy teen slut and I do amature phone sex. My phone sex number is 1-800-931-5905.  I will answer when you call me and you will just love my sexy little young voice.  I’m a dirty little slut and I know my way around a cock.  Trust me, I just look innocent, but I’m really a dirty little slut! I really love all sorts of role play and naughty and taboo fun.

My phone sex daddy called me and we love to play very dirty.  I got on top of his tongue and popped my wet little fingers in and out of his naughty ass while I jacked on his big dick.  It was so hot!

You should call me tonight for a naughty teen phone sex call.  If you love little bald pussy, you will love me.


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YAY Guys! Now you can just cum to this blog and check out what I’m up to…. Cool, huh? Click through the box…. Also, on the right-hand side, click on What am I doing? and you can see my current updates there, as well. I know that some of you can’t get enough of your lil hottie and I’m having lots of fun with my friends on there. Check me out on ez coeds.

Sexy Tash Checks In

Hey guys! Aren’t you so excited that it’s summertime? I sure am. It’s just seems like it’s my favorite time of year. I love to swim, be out in the sun, beach volleyball and lots of other outdoor activities. Can fucking be described as an outdoor activity? With me, the answer is hell yes! I love public sex and getting fucked in public is something I’ve only done a couple times, but it’s definitely something I’m not done doing.

Guess what! No Doubt is back together! Gwen went off on her own for a while and did her own thing, which was awesome… but I love the backyardesque factor of the band No Doubt. I absolutely love Gwen… I’ve met her once in person, believe it or not. I was starstruck, of course, she is sooo tall and beautiful. She has a rockin’ body, too.

I just got done eating a cherry popsicle, now I’m looking for something else to suck on and keep my sweet little mouth busy for a while… What do you think? Do you have a cock that would fit nicely in my mouth?

Sexy Teenage Tasha ~ Just a phone call away…

Sexy Teen Tasha
Sexy Teen Tasha

Hey guys!

How are you doing?  We had the funnest Easter Egg hunt for my sorority… Instead of putting candy in the eggs, we put thongs in them, so it was sooo much fun!  I found two eggs… So I have a new zebra thong and a cute pink one.  My friend Becky hates thongs, so she gave me a cute light blue one, too.  It’s satin.  I’m wearing my cute lil zebra one today with my little white tank top..  I’m ready to play with my sweet little pussy!

J and I have been having tons of fun lately.  I love it when he calls me.  We always say that our calls get hotter, but WOW, our last two calls were EXTRA hot, I’m telling you.  I spread open his ass nice and wide and just buried my little tongue, right up his ass, while I jacked his big dick off.  I licked him really good and he let me lick while I wrapped my lil wet hand around his huge cock.  I love being a naughty lil slut like that.  I won’t share ALL of our fun here, but there has been plenty of it!

I love hot phone sex…. I’m looking for a naughty older horny man to play with… Do you want to stroke your cock just for me?


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I’m all dressed up tonight.  I have on sexy black thigh highs, clear fuck me pumps and a super hot little red sexy thong.  I also am wearing a sheer little black nightie and you can see my little nipples right through it.  I love dressing up, even for me because it makes me feel soooo sexy.  I must be horny because my nipples are rock hard and I’ve been watching pornos all day long on the internet.  Do you like to watch porno?

The other day, this guy sent me a hot clip to watch on xtube.com which is so hot and we masturbated together while we enjoyed the hot and naughty fucking.  We acted out what was going on on the porn and it was sooo fun!

Do you want to watch some porn or do you just want to have some hot and naughty phone sex??

Since I’m a Catholic school girl, I should be giving up something for Lent… Should I give up cum?  Nah!!  Should I give up sucking cock?  Hell no!  Maybe I will just do more fucking and sucking instead like a naughty lil school girl should! wink


They call me Tasty Tasha because my teenage pussy is so sweet

Hello, guys!

Wow… so much snow all around… Makes me wanna fly to Florida and put on my bikini!!!  My roommate moved down there and I miss her a lot.  She teases me about laying out in the sun.  I wanna go see her soon.. but with classes and stuff, it’s hard to pick up and fly down there…. So, guess what I did instead?  After school, I came home and turned my heat up and put on my cut-off jean shorts with my red bikini top.  I definitely look and feel so sexy.  Maybe later I will put on some thigh highs and play with my tight little pussy.

Last night, I was finger fucking myself after my shower and it felt sooo good.  My pussy was so wet – even wetter than usual – and I was feeling extra naughty.  Guess what I did?  My middle finger was so wet that it was kind of sticky-dripping even, so I went ahead and popped my slutty little finger right into my mouth to suck it off.  It tasted just like my tight little teenage fuckhole… my own juices were so yummy!

I licked and sucked my fingers off… then slid them back down my flat tummy and back over my clit and down to my little sweet bald pussy, only to drench them again… and suck my fingers clean.  I had a naughty little fantasy that I was going down on this super hot girl with huge tits while I was licking my fingers off… while I was getting fucked from behind.

This is defnitely a fantasy I want to play out on the phone… Well, if anybody wants to, that is.  I just really want to get you off like you deserve it, sexy!  Spoil your dick a little and call Tasty Tasha from TastyTasha.com!!!

J – I really loved our last call together… Didn’t you??  It was sooo yummy~hot.  I was a naughty girl and while we were sixty-nining, I decided to spread J’s ass cheeks apart and bury my tongue right up his naughty little fuck hole while I stroked his big, fat cock with my wet little fingers.  I love licking a guy’s ass to really complete the blow job.  I guess it’s just the kind of dirty lil fuck toy that I am!

Lots of you guys ask me what I’m into.  Well, I’m basically just a horny little fuck slut who will do whatever it takes to please you!  I love playing with my pussy too, so don’t be surprised if I decide to masturbate during our session together.

Just pick up the phone and call your tasty lil treat!!



He shot a load of cum right into my teen pussy.

Oh em gee… everybody… guess what happened to me last weekend!!

Well, my friend Nikki was supposed to be in town, so I stopped by her parent’s house. Her dad was home alone with the golden retriever. I’ve known her dad my whole life, so I decided to stay and chill out with him for a while and wait for Nikki, even though she was still a couple hours away, driving home from college.

We started watching “American Beauty” because it was playing on TV, and I love that show. I was wearing a little black mini skirt with my triangle pink top and really high pumps. I could tell that Nikki’s dad was totally checking me out… I mean big-time.

After I came back from the bathroom, I even noticed that he had a huge boner in his pants and I mean huge. There was no hiding it. I think he caught me staring at his bulge because when I looked at his cock and back up at him he said, “What?”

“Oh, nothing,” I giggled and snuggled against him on the couch. He reluctantly put his arm around me and I settled in. I looked at his left hand around me and noticed his wedding ring; and the fact that he was married was actually a big turn on for me…. (I’m a bad girl – I know I know!)

Soon, his hand was tracing along the top of my bra and my pussy was dripping wet. Sooo super wet. I started squirming around and then I just looked at him and we kissed. He started hungrily sucking on my lips one by one as his hand slid right into my bra. He untied the back of my shirt and started to suck each of my nipples hard into his mouth.

“Fuck, sweetie, you’ve got goregous little nipples,” he told me with a mouthful of my tit! I reached down and his dick was already sliding out of his jeans and was so hard in my young little hand. I started to pull on it gently as he sucked on my tits. He kissed down my body until his face was right between my legs and he pulled up my little skirt and started to lick on my little bald pussy fast and hard as I bucked against his face.

He sat down and put me right up on top of his cock and started to tell me how he’s been fantasizing about this for so long. We called each other some really nawty names… he even wanted me to call him Daddy…. Mmmm and when he shot his cum, I begged for it right up my little pussy because I’m on the pill and I did not even care if he got me preggers or not, I needed his CUM!!!!

I have been sooo hot and I can’t wait to fuck him again. He said that he would do “anything” for this pussy. I think I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger; What do you think?

Oh I had the hottest call with sexy Brian… He licked my little pussy just like I like it…. Mmmm baby I loved being your sexy little naughty anal school girl! *wink* I loved it so much when you pumped my tight little teenage ass full of cum while you pulled my hair, spanked me and claimed me as YOUR little slut…. *big licks*

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Love Your Little Babydoll Fuck Slut~

Tasty Teenage Tasha!

Would you fuck my face for me if I begged nicely?

Guess what guys – I gave the best blow job of my life last night!

It was sooo amazing. I was staring up at him and he was grabbing a handful of my blonde hair while he was choking me with his big, fat cock. He had his big balls squished up against my chin while he had me gagging on his big dick! Then he flipped me up on my bed (on my back) and fucked my mouth for a while by like lowering his big dick into my hot, young mouth.

Don’t worry – he also spun me around and fucked me like the naughty little fuck slut that I am! He loves it when I beg for his cock – and so do I – so I did a LOT of begging….

“Please… let me suck on that big cock…. please… Pound my hot little fuck hole… My little pussy needs your cock SO bad!”

I think you get the picture… 🙂

If you want to know where he shot his big load of cum, you will have to call me and find out… Oh, and we will have to decide where you want to shoot your cum too….

I just love being a good little cum slut cock sucker and gobbling up a huge load of yummy, creamy cummy!

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My mouth and pussy need to be fucked ~ Horny Little Schoolgirl Slut Needs COCK!!

Naughty TashaHey Guys!  How are you today?  I’m feeling like such a good little fuck toy today.  I woke up this morning, finger fucking my tight little bald pussy.  It was so fucking hot.  I was dreaming about this guy going down on my pussy and licking my tight little fuck hole.  MMMM my sweet little juicy pussy loves being licked and if you want to cum, don’t be afraid to sneak your tongue deep into my sweet little ass, too….

I was a good little school girl for this guy on the phone today and let’s just say that no means yes with this naughty little girl if you know what I mean!  I really love naughty older men and all fantasies are fulfilled with this naughty lil daddy’s girl!

I talked to J today for a lil bit on chat but he was at work (boo hoo!), which means that we have to wait til later to play… We still have time to get off together in our phone sex bank from that block of time you bought a while ago baby….  I can’t wait to get extra naughty with you… I want to beg to suck on your big dick like the good little cock sucker that I am!

I am making macaroni and cheese for dinner and I am studying hard like a good little school girl tonight.  I can’t wait for some hot phone sex for me to take a nice little break.

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