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Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905Hey guys!

YAY the sun was out today!  Fun!  I just love fun in the sun.  I can’t wait til the weather really turns and I can go out in my short shorts.  I have really sexy legs and I love getting them kissed.

The last guy who ate my pussy… OMG he did such a good job of licking on my lil teenage pussy.  It felt so good when he stuck his tongue in and out of my little pussy.  He told me how good it tasted and then he came up and gave me a nice, hot French kiss.  I love making out and oral sex.  When pinched my little pink nipples, it was enough to throw me over the edge and cummm all over his face.  He’s older and he really enjoys/appreciates eating my tight little young pussy…. HAWT!!! Are you in the mood for some pussy eating phone sex?

Do you want to call and tell me all about how you’d eat me out? We could mix it up… you tell me how you’d lick my pussy and I’ll tell you about the last cock that filled me up with cum. Maybe what you really want is some cum eating phone sex instead!?

Tasty Tasha ~ 1 800 931 5905

Can’t stop thinking about cock

Hey everybody!  How is everybody doing?  Today is amazing outside…. I just painted a cute little bird feeder and hung it outside in my back yard.  It is so much fun to watch all the pretty birdies coming up and eating the food.  I was laying out, trying to get a good start on my tan.  Do you think that tan lines are sexy?  I sure do!

I’ve definitely been enjoying my summer vacation.  Partying and fucking a lot, hehe.  Hey… I can’t help it… I’m a naughty little fuck toy and I love to fuck and suck.  It seems like I’m always thinking about and wanting cock.  Maybe I should go to a psychiatrist and tell him that I’m a cock-obsessed little hottie and I need a serum to make me better.  Maybe he would pump some of his doctor-serum-cum into my sweet little mouth to make me all better.

I really need some cock right now.  I love the way a dick feels when it’s not all the way hard yet and it sort of grows out of my mouth.  I also like it when a guy is not afraid to fuck my little mouth.  J loves to fuck my mouth.  He just loves fucking me really hard.  I love it when we sixty-nine and also when I fuck his ass.  We love being fuck buddies.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I love it when a guy fucks me really hard and I think I finally know why.  I mean, it feels really good and makes my tight pussy cum good, but I really love it when he needs me so bad that he just needs to fuck me good and hard… like he just can’t resist it, you know?

Phone sex calls with me are $1.99 per minute with a ten minute minimum, billed as US Business Systems to your credit card.



Tasty Tasha’s Ready 4 Spring

Hey you!

How are you doing?  I’m sooo excited about Spring, so I thought I would write a lil poem about it below.


I love to role play and here are some of the naughty ones I love below!

S is for Schoolgirl…. I love wearing little plaid red skirts.
P is for Prostitute… I wanna roleplay a naughty young hooker for you!
R is for Rectal Exam… I need a finger in my asshole, for sure!
I is for Innocent… I want to be an innocent virgin girl for you.
N is for No Limits!  I never have any limits in Fantasy Land.
G is for G-spot!  Make sure to fuck my pussy nice and good so that I can cummm all over your cock when you call me!

Well, I hope you all  like my naughty little poem.



Do you like to cum on a girl’s face?

Hey, guys!

Sorry that I was gone for a lil while…  Did you guys MISS ME?? I was on vacation and stuff… which was amazing…. I had like a full two weeks off from my college classes and I hardly knew what to do with myself.  It was so much fun, going back to my old home town and hanging out with my friends and family.  I even saw an old crush that I used to fuck back in the day when we were in high school!

Let’s just say we had a couple of hot, hot nights and fucking him again was even hotter than I remembered it.  The making out was so hot and I could tell he loved it when I started to go down on him.  A couple times he told me to stop because he was about to blow a big load of cum, right in my hot little teen mouth.

I definitely did make him shoot a big load of cum in my mouth and I even begged for it.  I said, please, Josh, please squirt your big dick all over my face.

We spent two nights together, fucking and sucking and being so naughty…. Now I’m missing his cock!  It was nice living near him and having him as a fuck buddy back in high school.

All this talk is just making me want even more cum…  I want some hot phone sex so bad.

Do you have some cum for me?  I promise to beg for cum like a naughty little slut, just for you.

My Poem to J Who Gets Me Off Sooo Good!

My name is little Tasha and I’m a horny girl.

If you doubt it, I just have to give my hair a twirl

around my little finger and you will be mine

I’ll be on my knees and blowing you in no time!

J is my favorite – he is soooo hot

he licks my little pussy and always gets the right spot!

I love to suck his big dick, too, it’s sooo yum

And when I do it really good, he gives me his cum.

He gets me on my back and on my knees

No matter the position, he is sure to please!

He loves me on his face and riding on his tongue

Which always makes me cum and is so much fun!

Well I hope you all like my fun little poem

Love – Tasha

His Birthday Present Was a Sexy Little Schoolgirl Over His Lap!

Hey Everybody!

OMG did you realize that this weekend is Leap Year?  I can’t wait!  That is like an extra day of fun to have this year….  I don’t even remember what I did last leap year 4 years ago, but I’m sure it was super duper naughty knowing me!

So I had this new fuck buddy of mine over the other night for his birthday.  He didn’t have any plans so I was joking that I needed to give him his birthday blow job… Which I wasn’t really kidding about but he was acting like I was.  This guy and I fuck about twice a week… He’s in med school and has like no time for dating plus I don’t want to be tied down… We all know how I love getting new cock!

ANYWAY… This guy is pretty kinky and he has a really nice dick… He’s made little comments while fucking about how he loves me as his little sexy school girl ~ stuff like that.  Well, I decided to take it to the next level and really blow his mind.  He’s really into spanking me and stuff, too, I should tell you and he loves calling me his naughty lil girl.

Well, when he showed up, he was SO shocked to see me here, all dressed up like a little school girl.  I had on black patent-leather mary janes, white thigh-highs, a little red, black and white plaid, pleated short schoolgirl skirt and a little white button up top that has a tie on the bottom.  I love this outfit!  I actually bought it just for him.

“Fuck, Tasha, you are looking so good,” he kissed me as soon as he came in the door while his big, strong hands started to squeeze my little ass.

“Have you been a naughty little girl?” he asked me before he sat on the couch.  I got up on his lap with my little legs spread and he started to rub up my thighs to my little tight white cotton panties.

“Mmmm Yesss…” I admitted to him while I squirmed against his fingers.

Just thinking about that night makes my little bald cunnie get all wet.

He must have saw the wooden ruler on my coffee table, because when he put me over his lap to spank me, I felt the nice, hot sting of the ruler, striping my ass while his free hand played with my tight little wet pussy.

We love fucking each other!  We are such good fuck buddies, just like me and J.  He is so awesome and we love to get really dirty with each other…. Let’s just say that I had been having this fantasy that I told J about which was really dirty and fun and even though he had never tried anything like it before ~ he was totally all about it with his naughty lil Tash.

Well I gotta run to class but I will be home soon because I’m so hot and horny for some hot phone sex.

Love- Tasha

Happy Halloween From Tasha

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everybody!!!

I dressed up this year like a naughty little nurse. My costume was way sexy, with nice little white thigh-highs, white pumps I borrowed from my friend Ash, super sexy make up, my hair in a nurse-like french twist which was really cute and to top it all off, I bought a sexy little nurse’s outfit! I borrowed a stethoscope from my friend who is in pre-med so that was really awesome. Guys were hitting on me all night, so of course I loved the attention. This was Saturday night and I partied soooo hard that on Sunday, I could hardly move. I was just like ahhh what did I DO last night? But it was way fun, I went with my two friends Ash and Becca, who were a school girl and a kitty cat, so we all looked totally HOT!

I talked to J tonight too and our call was mmm SO hot.  We got into a really hot sixty-nine position which was totally naughty.  He started licking my ass, which made me cum all over his face and he loved licking up my little teenage pussy!  J you know exactly how to turn me on and you know I just luv talking to you… *big smiles*

Well, I hope you all had a great Halloween 🙂

Luv – Tasha

Got Fucked So Good In The Shower!

OMG I had the best sex last night.  I was bent over in my shower with my face sort of pressed against the wall with this guy fucking me sooo hard from behind.  He had my hands pulled back and I was bent over, wiggling hot ass back against him while he stuck his thumb up my little asshole.  This went on for so long… His huge cock stretching my pussy out while he thumb~fucked my sweet, young asshole.  He let go of my hands and started fucking me even faster while he pinched on my nipples hard.  I moaned while he pushed his big dick head up against my tight asshole, squeezed the head inside and shot a big load of sticky, hot cum, right up my ass.
This is the kind of fuckin that makes me STAY horny… I hope I get some hot calls today… I sure am horny enough.
Luv n Hugs
Tasty Tasha!

Done with Classes, Licking My Pussy Makes Me Cum So Good

Hey Guys!!
How are you doing?  Oh, I’ve been really good.  I got my haircut this morning and it looks soooooo cute!  Oh, and I’m finally done with my semester, finals weren’t as bad as I thought they would be either.  YAY!  Summer vacation, here I cummm!  I’m gonna be gone at the end of this month on a little vacation, which I’m soooo excited about!  I should be back by the first week of June, though.  Soooo be sure to catch me before then if you want to get dirty with your lil teen slut!  I just love being a nasty little cum slut, especially for J…
J called me again today and OMG he just gets hotter and hotter, every time!  I know we both say that a lot, but that guy really knows how to drive me NUTS when he licks my little cunnie.  He was licking from my little pussy to my tight lil teen asshole, which made me CUMMMM all over his face… J, you are really too good to me and that’s why I love our calls, SOOO much!
I think I’m going to get an ice cream cone, I’m really craving a nice vanilla and chocolate twist…. Have a great night everybody!!  I’ll write more soon…
Teen Tasha

My Confession… Shhh.. and I love being J’s Sweet Oral Princess.. wink

I have a confession to make!!  I accidentally found my bf’s xmas gift to ME!!  It’s the little pink santa suit by victoria secret and it’s way adorable… Good thing he won’t be reading this because he has NO clue and he would be mad at me for snooping even though I really was NOT trying to snoop, I was vacuuming out his car as a little surprise…  YAY!!
Mmm I talked to J who totally made my pussy cum so hard on that big dick of his!!  I just love talking to J because he knows how to work my sweet little ripe young pussy just rights…
Shoot I have to finish up this poli sci paper so BUG ME if you see me taking calls because I could use a break…  STUDY SEX BREAK! lol
Lets talk soon!!
Tasty Tasha
p.s. Sorry to those of you who left comments, there was  a problem but now it’s fixed, so I will be replying to all of them VERY SOON!! xoxo

Do you Dare to Double the Fun? :)

Well this weekend was sibling weekend which means that my sister came up here to visit… And I met Melanie’s and Sasha’s brothers, who were both HOT!  Especially Sasha’s brother Tim… mmm!  I think he liked me too so I was sure to wear skimpy lil clothes all weekend long! I know, I’m a tease! I can’t help it, though.  I’m equipped with a naughty little mind, a very high sex drive and a tasty little body so how could I help it, even if I tried??  Let’s just say that it was a good thing her brother is engaged or I’m sure I would have hooked up with him in every possible way… Hey, a girl can dream about his tongue deep in my little tight cunnie, right? *naughty smile*

Oooh we are having a special on two-girl calls!  Basically, you get five free minutes when you order a call with two of us girlies!  See, it’s just $3.25 per minute for a 2-girl call….  (Just so you know, a 1-on-1 phonesex session with us is just $1.99 per minute).  ALL calls have a 10-minute minimum.  Anyway, I thought I’d mention that for sure because I do love to play with more than just a guy…  I’ve got some favorite girlfriends too or if you just tell me what fantasy you like I can try to think of a girl who would be perfect for us to get naughty with….

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

“Kiss me, I’m Irish,” I tol d my sleeping boy toy this morning when I woke him up, on St. Patrick’s Day, and he did just that… He leaned over and started to kiss my sweet little sexy neck and his fingers found my sexy little teenage nipples…

“We don’t have time for this,” I reminded him, but he did not seem to hear me as his sleepy hand slipped into my sexy little pink thong.

“But baby, you are so wet, Tash..” my boyfriend started to finger my sweet little willing pussy, opening it up a little. I rolled over on my back and my half-awake boyfriend started to pull down my hot little thong, leaving me wearing only my little white tank top. He looked up at me and smiled as he started to push my knees back and shoved my little tank top up over my titties, letting his big thick pink tongue slip into my sweet little young pussy. He licked me until I almost came, and then he climbed on top of me.

“I think somebody has been a very naughty girl,” he said as he started to slide his cock up against my tight little horny pussy.

“I have,” I confessed, “so please fuck me..”


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