Oral Princess, the Poem

To My Little Oral Princess,
My amazing Tasha you are so
incredibly hot!
You know I just luv to lick that sweet
tasty twat!
When you make me cum it is sooo hard and a
Am I kidding about this? Most definitely not!!


Luv Ya,

Well, what a nice surprise to find this in my mailbox… A sweet poem from J… Thanks so much Jman, that was so sweet of you! Mmmm we sure did have a hot call, didn’t we? I love it when we get so naughty together and make eachother CUMM real good 😉 I can’t wait til next time, J!!! I just love it when we play so naughty… You are the BEST!

Big Wet Kisses
Tasty Teen Tasha
Tasha Ready To Go

My Clit Piercing

Dear Tasha,

I just found your blog, and wow, you are hot! I love girls with piercings and wondered, could I possibly have a picture of your piercing of your pussy? Is your clit pierced or what? I’ve never seen one in real life, but I would love to suck on yours for you!


Dear P…..

I get a lot of questions about my clit piercing… Yes, it’s my clitty that is pierced and sometimes, I can even get off, just from running around… Talk about incentive to go for a jog… *naughty giggles* Mmmm I love having my clitty sucked on and if you want to suck on it for me… I’m all GAME! Mmmm Anybody who knows me knows I’m a little Oral Princess!!!

Hope We Can Play Soon!