I love licking cum off big titties

Hey there!  Just got back from a little Christmas party.  My cousin gave me the cutest little bikini!  Her big boobs are way bigger than mine and she got it  for xmas, so she just passed it along to me.  Cool, huh??  One time, we had this hot threesome with a guy.  Well, it was not really a threesome… just me sucking on her tits while we both sucked his cock and she sucked on my boobs too.  He shot it all over her big tits and I ended up licking up all the cum off of her titties.  I can tell you all kinds of naughty stories if you like talking dirty!

I’m in the mood to be a good little cocksucker tonight and maybe even a little cheerleader slut!!  What do you have in mind, baby?  I want to make your big dick feel really good.  I’m a pretty little blonde slut that will make your dick so big and hard.  Let’s have an orgasm together.  I love masturbation.

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Phone sex with Teen Tasha is so sweet

Hey guys!  Tasty Tasha here…. In case you don’t know me, I’m a fun little teen phone sex hottie who loves older men.

One of my favorite older men is J.  He called me last night and gave it to me soooo good.  I could tell he was ready for it by the way he was IMing me, but when he called me, I could hear it in his voice that I was going to get the phone sex fucking of my life.  I definitely was right, too!

I started off by begging for his cock…. Then, before I could even put that big head in my mouth, he was bending over and shoving my face in his ass…. having me lick on it for him.  He even had me tongue his big balls.  Then, he turned around have gave my hot little mouth what it craved: a big, fat cock.

He slid his cock into my mouth and I sucked hard and fast, pumping it into my sexy little teen mouth, smiling up at him all the while.   Mm….. he is very hot.

Anyway, back from class already today!  I just had to take a test then leave.  I think I did okay, but I will be happy to get the results back.  I just can’t help but think about my naughty little phone sex venture from last night and it’s making me horny again!

Hope all you naughty old men are doing great!


Can’t stop thinking about cock

Hey everybody!  How is everybody doing?  Today is amazing outside…. I just painted a cute little bird feeder and hung it outside in my back yard.  It is so much fun to watch all the pretty birdies coming up and eating the food.  I was laying out, trying to get a good start on my tan.  Do you think that tan lines are sexy?  I sure do!

I’ve definitely been enjoying my summer vacation.  Partying and fucking a lot, hehe.  Hey… I can’t help it… I’m a naughty little fuck toy and I love to fuck and suck.  It seems like I’m always thinking about and wanting cock.  Maybe I should go to a psychiatrist and tell him that I’m a cock-obsessed little hottie and I need a serum to make me better.  Maybe he would pump some of his doctor-serum-cum into my sweet little mouth to make me all better.

I really need some cock right now.  I love the way a dick feels when it’s not all the way hard yet and it sort of grows out of my mouth.  I also like it when a guy is not afraid to fuck my little mouth.  J loves to fuck my mouth.  He just loves fucking me really hard.  I love it when we sixty-nine and also when I fuck his ass.  We love being fuck buddies.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I love it when a guy fucks me really hard and I think I finally know why.  I mean, it feels really good and makes my tight pussy cum good, but I really love it when he needs me so bad that he just needs to fuck me good and hard… like he just can’t resist it, you know?

Phone sex calls with me are $1.99 per minute with a ten minute minimum, billed as US Business Systems to your credit card.



Crazy on Coffee and Super Big Boobies and How I Love Being My Special Caller’s Oral Princess!


What is up??  Everybody has been telling me that I have to see that new Dark Night movie… My friends are telling me it’s the coolest movie EVER!  Last night, I had so much fun with my friends… We had this huge water balloon fight over at Emily’s house.  I got so soaked!!! I had on this tight little light pink tank top and you could totally see through it, but I didn’t care.  It was actually a huge turn-on for me. *Smiles*  Emily wants to get a slip-n-slide, which I think would be totally FUN!! I used to love going on that when I was little.  Emily and I have so much fun together.  It is her parents that took me on that cruise which was SOOO fun!!  Emily is like the big sis I never had.
Mmmm played with J, which you know was sooo hot.  I love it when he strokes his big dick for me.  I was licking on the head of his huge cock like an ice cream cone, which made his dick quiver.  I also stuck my little finger right up his asshole.  It took me a little while, but I licked it and it slid right into his tight ass.  I fingered his ass really good while I blew him.  We still have one call left in your phone sex bank J so hopefully you will call me soon… *wink*

Sooo how is everybody’s Summer been going??  Can you believe it’s already AUGUST?  Boy, how time flies when I’m havin’ fun…  I’ve been using these crest white strips on my teeth, it’s not like they were bad but I like to preserve my beauty : )  and WOW, do they ever work!! I’ve started drinking coffee, which makes me all crazy hyper is why I really was wanting to get a teeth whitener, and wow, Crest white strips TOTALLY work!! giggles..

One of my good friends got implants.  She went from a B cup to a D cup and WOW you can really see the difference.  She finally let me squeeze on her big tit and omg it sure is huge!!!  I sure love having some nice big boobies to play with.  It was so hot when she let told me to squeeze her huge boobies with my pretty little hands.  It made my pussy wet!!  I was telling her that I wanted to get them too now and she says nooo they would look weird on your lil body.  What do you guys think??

Love, Your Sweet Lil Phone Sex Naughty Girlie~

Would You Like To Fuck My Mouth?

Hottie TashaHey Horny Guys!!

Is anybody out there feeling down-right dirty?? Mmmm I got face-fucked the other night in such a hot way. It was kind of a new position for me, which is always FUN!!

My head was kind of hanging off the side of the bed and he had his big dick sliding right down my throat, which was gagging me a little, which was a huge turn~on.  He was also pinching on my nipples and fingering my tight little pussy, which made me sooo wet.  Right when I was about to cum, he spun me around and slid his big dick right into my little juicy cunnie, so I could squirt all over his big dick.

Played with J… He is so hot.  He really knows hot to turn me on and one of my favorite positions with him is 69ing.  I sit right up on his face and grind my tight little juicy pussy all over his face while I finger his ass and suck his dick.  We have so much hot fun and I swear he knows how to make me cummm so good… Hello out there J, I hope you are reading this with a big smile on your face…. Try to leave me a comment if you can 🙂

I have to go to class but I wanted to tell you guys about that naughty little experience I had!! I will be home soon and I can’t wait to have some phone sex w/ you guys…



Sexy Lil Tasha is Looking for a HARD DICK!

Hey Guys!

How is everybody doing? I hope really good! I am just up this morning because I heard the rain pouring on my air conditioner outside and it sounded like popcorn popping!

Then I woke up in a super-good mood and I remembered this really hot sex dream that I had… Let’s just say that I was on a beach with my bikini pulled down and this gorgeous guy was licking my little clitty. I love it when a guy is good at giving oral sex! J is sooo good at it – he always knows how to get me off right, I’m telling you that right now. I love it when he sucks on my lil teenage pussy while he slides a couple naughty fingers up my tight little asshole. That is the BEST! MMM…

Yeah, even though it’s really cold outside, I think it’s because I’m on the top floor, it’s like kind of hot in here… So after my shower this morning, I just put on a lil white tank top with my light pink thong…. I love my new body wash that my friend Stacey gave me for Valentine’s day… It smells so fruity and makes me feel sooo super yummy and sexy! It really makes me feel like “Tasty Tasha”!!

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If you are feeling a little naughty yourself, then give me a call because I’m looking for a guy with a hard cock for me to play with!

Love Your Lil Cock Slut~

Awesome Things in My Life

Happy Early Thanksgiving Everybody!!!

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, I decided to make a list of what I am thankful for!

  • Freshly Dried Towels
  • New Batteries *wink*
  • Facials
  • Begging For Cum
  • Role Plays
  • Modern Poetry
  • Massages
  • Nice Guys
  • Playing in the Rain
  • Satin Sheets
  • My Funny Friends
  • Bubble Baths
  • 69 Position
  • Reality Shows
  • Spankings
  • Doctor Pepper
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Oral Sex
  • My Naughty Callers
  • Rough Sex
  • My Friend J (Happy Tday!)

Well, I hope you all are doing great and have a wonderful day!  I just hope that whatever you are doing today, you realize how lucky we all are to be in this awesome country.

Sexy School Girl Seeks YOU!

Hello Out There, From Your Teenage Hottie Tasha!!
Hey everybody, I hope you all had a great week…

I went home for Easter and it was fun to see my friends and family ~ I really had a blast!  Classes are going well but I can’t wait for them to be over!  I have some finals coming up and then I will be home~free for the summer.  But being a naughty little schoolgirl isn’t SO bad… *wink*  Speaking of being a little schoolgirl, my friend Natalie bought one of those naughty little schoolgirl outfits and she let me try it on last time I was over there, last weekend.  Let me just tell you, I felt like such a little slut in it and I think that I looked quite hot, too!  She said her (older) boyfriend really loved the outfit; she surprised him with it for their 6 month anniversary.  I can’t imagine being with anybody for that long, I love the “strange” and I think I’m too much of a little fuckslut to be tied down to any one man, just yet anyway.  Hey, I’m young and I love having the freedom of fucking who I want, when I want to!!  Being tied down by one man at a time though, sounds like a better option!  So, what do you say?  You, me and my little helpless body all tied up??  Maybe we can even throw in some whips and a ball~gag… Sounds fun to me!
Well, I’m off to do some reading for my political science class… Please, please give me a study break for some hard cock if you are ready to play with a sexy little blonde slut 🙂

I Cheered for J’s Team!

Hiya, guys!!  Is anybody out there feeling as naughty as I am tonight?  *big smile*  I just put on my sexy little blue nightie and white thong to settle in for the night with my phone… I’m hoping that somebody calls me and wants me to play with my tight little teenage pussy for him… Could this be YOU??
Well, I don’t like to play favorites, but Mmmm J sure did get me OFF good a couple nights ago… He is so hot, just the way he knows how to work my little button… makes me SO horny n hot that I can’t help but get out my favorite dildo when he calls me.  I fucked my little pussy hard while we came together, which is always soooo intense and amazing.  We have such a great chemistry, I just love him, how he totally knows how to get my little pussy OFF right!  The sad news is that our team, Ohio State lost… Boo!  I was even cheering along for them because I know how much J really loves them and everything.
I’m going to get some lotion for my legs but feel free to call me if you want a sexy little teenage slut to get off with.. *smile*
Luv ~ Tasha

My Confession… Shhh.. and I love being J’s Sweet Oral Princess.. wink

I have a confession to make!!  I accidentally found my bf’s xmas gift to ME!!  It’s the little pink santa suit by victoria secret and it’s way adorable… Good thing he won’t be reading this because he has NO clue and he would be mad at me for snooping even though I really was NOT trying to snoop, I was vacuuming out his car as a little surprise…  YAY!!
Mmm I talked to J who totally made my pussy cum so hard on that big dick of his!!  I just love talking to J because he knows how to work my sweet little ripe young pussy just rights…
Shoot I have to finish up this poli sci paper so BUG ME if you see me taking calls because I could use a break…  STUDY SEX BREAK! lol
Lets talk soon!!
Tasty Tasha
p.s. Sorry to those of you who left comments, there was  a problem but now it’s fixed, so I will be replying to all of them VERY SOON!! xoxo

Snow outside my window!

Hey guys and Happy December!  Boy, time sure does fly when you are having fun… 🙂  First of all, I wanted to give a big happy birthday shoutout to my friend J, who is such a hottie!!  We have so much fun getting naughty on the phone and sometimes he even likes to squeeze me in between shifts, which is totally fun and naughty…

 I love making you guys so horny on the phone, making so much cum in your balls that you just can’t take it anymore and have to blow a great big load of yummy hot cum! Soooo freakin’ yummy I can’t even stand it sometimes.  I’m loving my fun on the phone more than I ever dreamed possible and you guys really know how to turn on a little teenage slut like me! 😉

Gotta go do a little bit of studying, boring I know, but call me to give me a little study break because I need cock tonight, bad!

 Luv your sweetie  ~ Tash

How Should I Dress Up??

Hey everybody!!!  Soo… I’ve been wondering, what am I going to be for Halloween this year?  I thought about wearing my French Maid outfit or maybe I wil pull out my cheerleader uniform… I also have a cute schoolgirl I could be, with a little plaid skirt, maryjanes and white tights.  If you have any ideas, let me know!!  I want to be cute, hot, original and sexy…. My girlfriend said I could wear her playboy bunny costume, but I wore that last year, so… 🙂

I hope that you all have been doing great!  My classes are going really good and Im excited about all of the holidays coming up… Summer is definitely GONE (sad), but now I can look forward to being a lil Halloween Hottie! 😉

 Luv ~ Tasha ~ 1-800-931-5905