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My mom had to work, so her boyfriend took me out for my birthday dinner.  I was wearing a light pink crop top and a spandex black mini skirt — something that I could never get away with wearing around my mom, but since she was working (and I was the birthday girl, after all), I decided to take my chances and show off my sexy little barely legal body.

“Seriously,” I smiled at my mom’s boyfriend, “I want my present.”  He just shook his head and told me that I would have to wait for it.

I slid my little black high heel up his leg and between his thigh, convinced that if I made him hard, that he would pretty much give in and let me get my way — as I always do.

“All right,” my soon-to-be-step-daddy sighed after another hour of my relentless begging.

He told me to close my eyes and open up my hands — and there would be a big surprise.

“Oh my goodness,” I giggled when I realized that it was his cock in my hands.  His cock was my birthday surprise! I had never even seen one before and it was downright outrageously huge!

“Touch it but don’t open your eyes,” he instructed me, flirtatiously.

He didn’t have to tell me twice to put it in my mouth.  Even though I had never seen a dick (let alone such a big one), it seemed to come naturally to me — sucking on his big dick.  I wrapped my eager little hands around his monster dick and started to jerk him off wildly in my mouth.  His big dick head pushed against the back of my throat and I couldn’t help it but gag a little on his throbbing dick.

That was the best birthday surprise ever!

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Played with a new phone sex caller last night.   He saw that I specialize in coed phone sex, which really made him want to  call me.  Then, he said that from the word go, he was loving how young I sound.  Now, people  do tell me that I sound and look younger than I am, which they find to be hot.  I love turning on older men, so it’s a win-win situation. He really enjoyed my young voice and the fact that I love to play with older men, too.  I wore a pair of super-high heels and the tiniest little micro-miniskirt that barely even covered my thong.  Literally, my little butt cheeks were sticking out.  I’m a sexy little cock tease like that and I can’t resist being bad.

We got into a really taboo phone sex session and while I can’t type out all the sordid details (because they were so hot, wild and naughty), you should realize that I’m a totally no-limits kind of cutie that you will be sure to come to love if you dare to dial my phone line.  Your imagination the the limit.

Anyway, he had a total crush on the girl across the street. I just knew that I could talk her into just about anything.  I got her all dressed like a little slut in the tiniest schoolgirl outfit that I could find and a really high pair of heels.  She looked like such a little fuck toy that I knew she would have no choice but to play the part.  I spread her lips apart and we both took a turn, eating that sweet little pussy.

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I’m just so excited to be back in school! Summer was fun, yeah, but now it’s time for me to get out my naughty little schoolgirl outfit and have some fun with some naughty older men out there! Are you a naughty older man? Do you enjoy sexy little younger girls like me? I’m just barely legal and I love to please and be a naughty little cock teaser, too. Do you like naughty schoolgirl phone sex?

Maybe I can wear my little red, black and white plaid skirt for you with my naughty little white cotton panties. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really naughty, I like to wear my panties just a little bit too tight so that my panties kind of wander up into my little bald pussy just a little bit. It makes my little pretty pussy get sooo juicy and wet.

I painted my pretty little fingernails a juicy red color with a wet-effect look. They make my fingers look so hot when they are wrapped around a big cock! Maybe I can make your dick nice and hard with my sexy little fingers. I love being a good little schoolgirl cocksucker. Can I be a good little gagger girl on your cock? I’m a naughty blonde teen phone sex girl and I love to play with dirty older men!

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