How Should I Dress Up??

Hey everybody!!!  Soo… I’ve been wondering, what am I going to be for Halloween this year?  I thought about wearing my French Maid outfit or maybe I wil pull out my cheerleader uniform… I also have a cute schoolgirl I could be, with a little plaid skirt, maryjanes and white tights.  If you have any ideas, let me know!!  I want to be cute, hot, original and sexy…. My girlfriend said I could wear her playboy bunny costume, but I wore that last year, so… 🙂

I hope that you all have been doing great!  My classes are going really good and Im excited about all of the holidays coming up… Summer is definitely GONE (sad), but now I can look forward to being a lil Halloween Hottie! 😉

 Luv ~ Tasha ~ 1-800-931-5905


2nd Place in Volleyball, but 1st Place Cock Sucker! ;)

Hey everybody!  I hope that you are all enjoying your summer, wherever you may live 🙂        

I’ve been such a bad little girl that I can hardly stand it… giggles…  I think that the naughtier I get, the naughtier I like to get, if that makes any sense… Talking to older men on the phone is so hot, knowing that I am making them so hard and close to cumming while they are jacking off… Mmmm it’s such a turn-on for me.  I also love guys who really cum hard, so that I can know that I did a good job for them… Hey, I know *I* cum hard, and about half the time, I can make my pussy squirt…. if it’s a really intense orgasm.    

My town just had Summerfest, which was cool because tons of people from out of state came and had a blast here… I love to meet new people!  We had a big beach volleyball tournament and my team came in second place!!  And OMG the boys started spraying us girls down with those hose, which was hot because I had on a white wet t-shirt, so the guys were making it into a wet t-shirt contest… I think they just wanted to see our sexy hard nipples… giggles…  but it was FUN! 
I wanted to give a shout-out to J, who is so hot to play with… I think that every time we play, it gets hotter and we’ve done a LOT of calls… That’s what’s so hot, when you are used to playing with somebody you learn what gets them off hard and they learn what gets me off and hey, we are all just um getting off!  Mmm J, we have to play, SOON! wink…  Anyway, I’m so excited that J decided to join the free member’s area!  Becoming a member is totally FREE and you get discounts on ALL calls plus extra deals on holidays and you are always the first to hear about my cool specials…  I know, I know… you want to be a member, too, right?  You even get discounts on all of my girlfriends too, if you just sign up for the free members area.
Mmmm somebody IMed me and asked me what turns me on the MOST so I thought I’d just tell you here:  when a guy licks my ears, plays with my clitty (which is cutely pierced), having my nipples sucked on, sucking on a big dick, getting my fuck holes filled with sticky, thick white cream, having my pussy stretched out, sex toys, orgies and MORE! giggles..  So tell me, secret lover, what gets you off the most?    
It’s really hot out so I will just stay inside today I think and play with you nawty men like I love to do! hehe
Love Always,

Feeling like a horny houswife tonight!

 Well, guys, I’m pretty proud of myself because I baked my first home-made pie!  It’s apple and the top crust looks a teenie bit crumbly, but it smelled very good when it was baking.  I feel like a regular Martha Stewart.  Of course, I wore my cute litle apron while I did it and I felt like such a little horny housewife, even though I’m not married!  My roommate went out to get some yummy ice cream so we can pig out on it later… Hey we went to the gym and worked out all morning so we can afford to…. 

How would you like me to surprise me from behind while I’m bent over and pulling this fresh apple pie out of the oven?  Mmmm I’d love to feel your tongue or dick or your hands sliding up my sexy little thighs up to my ass?  I swear, writing in my blog makes my pussy so wet… It makes me need to get fucked by a big dick…..
I was supposed to go to the adult bookstore with two of my sorority sisters, but guess what?! One of them chickened out, so we will have to go another night… Can anybody tell me what their favorite sex toy is so that I can check it out??  I’ve already heard of the Rabbit and I’d love more suggestions!  🙂 

Teasing Teacher Already

Well, back to school today!  My computer teacher is so cute that I can’t even believe it.  I think that he noticed today when I wore my sexy little sandals.   I winked at him when he gave me the syllabus and I just giggled… I’m sure it will be a FUN semester!  If only I could show him my website, I’m sure that would get him off gooood and maybe he’d becum my best caller! giggles

It sucks that I have to get up early, but I love to get up exxxtra early to put on my makeup and get myself looking supercute for all of the college guys!  If there is one thing I love, it’s a fraternity guy.  I have my eye on this one guy that has the hottest ass, he was sitting two desks in front of me today and he looked so good in his Arizona jeans.

We are having some really fun specials this month, so be sure to check out my site for all of them!!!  We are having a different one each day, so be sure to fuck me soon and cash in on the great deals 🙂