Coed phone sex cutie taks a ride on Santa’s North Pole!

Hey all you phone sex lovers out there!

Santa Claus knew that I was on the naughty list this year,  but he still brought me toys anyway!  I got a new little golden bullet vibrator that feels sooo good on my clit.  He stuffed my stocking with new panties, high heels and lots more sexy goodness!

“J” even let me call him Santa and I took a wild ride on his face!  He said, “Free mustache rides” so you know for a fact that I was all over that!  I got up on top of his sexy face and rode him like a wild cowgirl, wiggling my hips all around in a circle, bouncing hard and fast on his thick, pink, naughty tongue.  He even slipped his tongue up my sexy little butthole, which was a shock but very exciting at the same time.

I grabbed hold of Santa’s big dick and jerked on it.

“I think you’ve got a hold of the North Pole,” Santa giggled while I jerked it in my tiny little fist.

Turns out Papa Noel is a super naughty freak for a sexy little phone sex coed like Yours Truly!

Whether you are in the mood for a blonde phone sex cutie or just a little mutual masturbation phone sex, I’m your girlie pie and I’m always up for a hot time!  Dial me directly and I will answer the phone when you call.  You can use your Visa, Master Card or Discover and it’s always private and discreetly billed.

Tasha 1 800 931 5905

Tasha 1 800 931 5905

Taboo phone sex with a naughty coed

Played with a new phone sex caller last night.   He saw that I specialize in coed phone sex, which really made him want to  call me.  Then, he said that from the word go, he was loving how young I sound.  Now, people  do tell me that I sound and look younger than I am, which they find to be hot.  I love turning on older men, so it’s a win-win situation. He really enjoyed my young voice and the fact that I love to play with older men, too.  I wore a pair of super-high heels and the tiniest little micro-miniskirt that barely even covered my thong.  Literally, my little butt cheeks were sticking out.  I’m a sexy little cock tease like that and I can’t resist being bad.

We got into a really taboo phone sex session and while I can’t type out all the sordid details (because they were so hot, wild and naughty), you should realize that I’m a totally no-limits kind of cutie that you will be sure to come to love if you dare to dial my phone line.  Your imagination the the limit.

Anyway, he had a total crush on the girl across the street. I just knew that I could talk her into just about anything.  I got her all dressed like a little slut in the tiniest schoolgirl outfit that I could find and a really high pair of heels.  She looked like such a little fuck toy that I knew she would have no choice but to play the part.  I spread her lips apart and we both took a turn, eating that sweet little pussy.

Call me for phone sex!

Tasha 1-800-931-5905


Naughty schoolgirl needs a spanking!

I’m a naughty coed phone sex cutie and I’ve always been a bit of a trouble maker.  I remember the first time that I was sent down to the dreaded Principal’s Office.

Tasha 1 800 931 5905“I understand you’ve been a bad girl,” the Principal told me.  He was an older guy who basically had two modes: he could be super-friendly or he could be downright mean.  I was scared when I was sent to his office and I really had no clue what I did wrong to be in there!

“Do you know why you were sent down here, young lady?” he looked me square in the eye.   I nervously shook my head.

“Get over here and bend over my desk,” he ordered me with a tone that told me he was not messing around.

Timidly, I marched around his desk and slowly bent over.

“Just as I thought,” he squeezed my bare butt cheek, “No panties! It was reported to me a couple days ago that you were flouncing around the school with that little bald pussy on display, but I just had to see for myself.”

“I’m sorry,” I managed, innocently enough.

“Oh,” he laughed, “Sorry won’t cut it this time, young lady.”  The Principal grabbed my hand and placed me across his lap, lifting up my short, plaid schoolgirl skirt.

I waited for him to pull out his trusty, well-known paddle.  Everybody knew he kept it in the top right drawer of his desk.

“Ouch,” I whimpered as he spanked my bare little ass.  He wasn’t using the paddle — he was spanking me bare-handed!  With each whack of the paddle, it made my ass sting a little more and I must admit, my pussy was just getting wetter and wetter.

If you are seeking a blonde phone sex cutie with a sexy young voice and a bald little pussy, call me and I will make all of your taboo phone sex fantasies come to fruition!

Love ~ Tasha

1 800 931 5905

Making him want a taste…

“Is this for me?” I asked him, rubbing my hand down his chest right to his cock. I was the barely legal babysitter that was Teen phone sexalways driving him crazy and I was loving every second of it.  Flouncing around in my short shorts and tight little tops certainly got his attention.  As a blonde phone sex slut, I always know how to get the kind of naughty attention that I crave.

“I’m here to pick up my check for the week,” I explained, smiling at him, knowingly, but not without getting in a little squeeze of his dick.

“Uh, yeah, okay,” he stammered, fumbling through the kitchen drawers for a pen.  I un-crossed my legs, revealing a sweet, pink lace thong that barely covered my little mound.  My little heel slid up his thigh and almost robitcally, he reached down to grab my ass and pull me forward. I pulled his face right between my tits and over between my legs.

I arched my back and spread my legs all the way apart, showing off my pretty little panties, sitting up on his counter.

“Fuck, you are bad,”  he complained in a complimentary sort of way.

“You love it,” I reminded him, reaching down and getting a handful of his dick, already rock-hard in his pants.

I knew that with the kids in bed and his wife in the shower, it was a risk, but one that he couldn’t help but take. I pulled over my pink panties, exposing my pussy and popped a finger right inside, rubbing on my little naked cunt with my fingers, slapping on it a little.  He started to bite up my thighs.

“Is this what you want?” I asked him with a seductive little grin.  I love coed phone sex and how you naughty older men just love how tasty and tiny I am.

For your own little toy to play with, dial me at 1*800*931*5905.   Have some fun with me… I’m a barely legal phone sex cutie and I love it.

Luv ~ Tasha

Naughty neighbor teen phone sex

My name is Tasha and I love all types of fantasy phone sex. Yesterday was so great!  I had sooo much fun.   Usually, I set my expectations high for Valentine’s Day and I’m

Sexy Teen Tasha
Teen phone sex with Tasha

sometimes disappointed, but it was just a perfect end to a perfect day… 🙂

The other day, I was laying in my bed, playing with my naughty little pussy.  I had my pink, cotton panties pulled over to the side and I was having fun playing with my juicy little pussy.  I mean, it felt so good.  I had my eyes closed and head back, just finger-fucking my pretty little bald cunnie just like I like it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my older neighbor dude peeking in on me!  At first, I freaked out, but I didn’t let him know that I saw him there at first.  Instead, I flipped over on my tummy, allowing him a glimpse of my sexy bubble butt.  Finally, I peeked over at him and gave him a sexy, wide smile and nodded his way.

When he saw me staring at him, he got nervous and put his dick away and started to leave.

“Come back!” I hollered out the window.

I popped the screen out of the window and he slid in my room.  I took out a little thong from my panty drawer and wrapped it around his cock, beating him off in my panties.  He slid his fingers up my legs until he got right between my thighs.  He pushed me back on the bed and he licked my juicy little honey pot soo good.

Just remembering what happened with my neighbor puts me in the mood for mutual masturbation phone sex.

I love having a naughty older man who loves my sexy little body and knows just how to use it!  If you like naughty neighbor phone sex, you are going to love me!

Tasha 1-800-931-5905


My first butt fuck!

Are you looking for some hot teen phone sex?

I still remember the first time I ever got fucked in the ass.  

I wasn’t very experienced at the time,  but the guy who I was dating was very much into it.

“No way, not THERE!” I would joke with him whenever he lined his dick up to my ass.  Hey, I was just not ready to “go there” yet and he understood.

One night, he had my little skirt flipped up and he was eating me from behind.  I was wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit that he got me and I was feeling really naughty.  He was finger-fucking my pussy and kissing all over my butt cheeks.  Before I knew it, he spread open my tight butt cheeks and was licking me hard from behind – thrusting his tongue deep in my tush!  I must admit, it felt really-fucking-good, so of course I was begging for more.

Soon, a finger replaced where he had his tongue and I was fucking back on his finger with my tight little teenage butt.  I squirmed a little, but in a good way.

He spun me around and I wrapped my sweet little hand around his thick dick.  I jerked him off good and sucked lovingly on his big, throbbing head.  He grabbed my blonde high ponytail and sunk his big cock up in my mouth.  Little did I know then, he was getting his big dick nice and wet so that he could pop my anal cherry!  Looking back, it seems pretty obvious, but you have to realize, I was pretty innocent..(back then!)

To get on with it, he stood behind me and was doing me deep doggy-style from behind.  I was up on all fours with my back arched and I was grabbing on his big balls while he fucked my pussy deep.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I fucked back on his big dick, rubbing my clit while he pounded me deep.

He buried my face into the pillow and slid his massive cock head up against my little butt.

“Relax,” he instructed while he grabbed my waist.

His cock head was pressing up into my tiny little butt hole and I wanted it there!  He slapped his cock all over my sweet, young asshole, up and down and all around… then he slowly popped it in.

I squealed with pain and delight.  My head popped up and my mouth opened up, involuntarily. He went slow at first, then he started to ruthlessly use my tiny little sweet ass.  He didn’t last long up there, but we butt fucked two more times that night, so you do the math!  Call me for some sweet anal phone sex~

Tasha 1-800-931-5905

Barely legal and so naughty phone sex

I’m a barely legal phone sex playmate and I want to share with you a naughty little sex story from my sordid past.

Soo I was babysitting for this family right after I graduated from high school.  I stopped by before I headed off to college to get my payment.

“Hi, Tasha,” the dad greeted me with a hug, “We are really going to miss you.”

I went inside for him to write me a check for the last couple weeks when I noticed that we were home alone.  I slid up onto the counter as I had so many times before, my short little skirt riding up my thighs.

He slid between my legs and leaned in for a sweet little kiss.  Shocked but turned on at the same time, I opened up my legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him in.  I could already feel how hard and huge his cock was and it made my little cunnie so juicy-wet when I felt it.

I reached my naughty little fingers down and pulled his zipper down and just like that – his big dick sprang into action.  I could not wait to get my greedy little horny hands around it and immediately started sucking on his pulsating penis.

“That’s my good little cock sucker,” he tapped on my head with a smile.

If you need some taboo phone sex with a sexy little cutie, you can reach me at 1-800-931-5905.


Teen phone sex



Dial 1-800-931-5905 for a dirty teen blonde cock sucker!

Hey everybody!!!  How are you doing tonight?  I hope you are feeling dirty, like I am.  I love being a good little fuck slut for cock… I really love to play with a cock, stroke it and smile up at you while I slide it right into my mouth. I love being a dirty little blonde cocksucker!

Of course, I love to have my sweet little pussy licked on as well… that is so hot!  J calls me his Oral Princess because we love to sixty-nine.  That is definitely one of our favorite positions!  I think that J really liked my little wet fingers popping in and out of his tight ass while I sucked on his fat dick because his fat cock kept getting harder, fatter and longer in my sweet little mouth.

I’d like to give a little shout-out to anybody who has helped me cum on my vibrator because it’s fucking awesome! Seriously, I have this new toy and it’s called a bullet.  It should be called a MAGIC bullet because it feels so good while it’s rubbing against my tight little pussy.

Oh, be sure to follow me on Twitter to get my newest updates as to what I’m doing!  Sometimes, I will just update my Twitter and not my blog because it is quick and I can even do it from my cell phone.  I like to give you guys all the naughty updates of all my fuck stories, on Twitter I’m SuperSexyBlonde.

Call me for a dirty little teen phone sex call that you won’t forget!

You can see my gallery over at Fantasies and Fetishes.

Birthday Poem For J

I told him I had a birthday present for him…. and so he called me.  He always turns me on soooo much.  Even when I see his name pop up on IM, I know he’s a very naughty older man who just loves a little teen slut like me.

B is for bad… I’ve been bad and I need a spanking!
I is for innocent… I act like I’m innocent, but I’m not…
R is for ready… I’m always ready to play with J!
T is for tease… I love to tease his asshole with my tongue!
H is for hottie… He tells me I’m a little hottie while he fingers my tight pussy.
D is for daddy… He’s my naughty phone sex daddy!
A is for anal… We both love anal so much..
Y is for yummy… I love his yummy cum!!

I hope you had a very special birthday, J.  I am glad that I got to celebrate it a little bit with you!


I love mutual masturbation and watching pornos with hot guys, too… Do you wanna play with a sexy little teen slut?

Hello there….

I’m so proud to be an American today!  Looking back on the MLK Jr speech and looking at Obama giving that incredible speech in the same place… right in front of Lincoln…. I mean… How could you not be proud to be an American at a time like this? Voters turned out in records…. Equality and change is finally coming.  No matter your political views, it’s nice to see America so united.  We are the “united” States, after all!  It’s nice to let freedom ring.

All this exciting stuff makes me so excited and in such a good mood.  Guess what else totally made my day!  J called and it had been such a long time since I’d heard his sexy voice!  Well, not that long, but it felt like a really long time.  He fucked my ass hard, just like I love it.  I was begging him to fuck my ass harder, which made him do it even harder, then he spun me around and shoved his dick right back into my mouth.  I love ass-to-mouth.  It’s so fun and naughty.  Big licks in your cock and fingers in your ass, J!  You know I just love our time together.

I have been playing with my little pussy so much lately.  I love masturbating.  Sometimes, I just can’t get enough.  I love watching videos on xtube too with my naughty callers!  M had me watching some very hot videos on there the other day and we were pretending that I was the little hottie in the porno.  It was hot.  Maybe we can do it together, you and me, if I turn you on.  I’m always looking for new guys to masturbate with… You know me, I’m a naughty little teenage nympho and I never can get enough!

TASHA! 1-800-931-5905

Hottie Tasha
Hottie Tasha

He shot a load of cum right into my teen pussy.

Oh em gee… everybody… guess what happened to me last weekend!!

Well, my friend Nikki was supposed to be in town, so I stopped by her parent’s house. Her dad was home alone with the golden retriever. I’ve known her dad my whole life, so I decided to stay and chill out with him for a while and wait for Nikki, even though she was still a couple hours away, driving home from college.

We started watching “American Beauty” because it was playing on TV, and I love that show. I was wearing a little black mini skirt with my triangle pink top and really high pumps. I could tell that Nikki’s dad was totally checking me out… I mean big-time.

After I came back from the bathroom, I even noticed that he had a huge boner in his pants and I mean huge. There was no hiding it. I think he caught me staring at his bulge because when I looked at his cock and back up at him he said, “What?”

“Oh, nothing,” I giggled and snuggled against him on the couch. He reluctantly put his arm around me and I settled in. I looked at his left hand around me and noticed his wedding ring; and the fact that he was married was actually a big turn on for me…. (I’m a bad girl – I know I know!)

Soon, his hand was tracing along the top of my bra and my pussy was dripping wet. Sooo super wet. I started squirming around and then I just looked at him and we kissed. He started hungrily sucking on my lips one by one as his hand slid right into my bra. He untied the back of my shirt and started to suck each of my nipples hard into his mouth.

“Fuck, sweetie, you’ve got goregous little nipples,” he told me with a mouthful of my tit! I reached down and his dick was already sliding out of his jeans and was so hard in my young little hand. I started to pull on it gently as he sucked on my tits. He kissed down my body until his face was right between my legs and he pulled up my little skirt and started to lick on my little bald pussy fast and hard as I bucked against his face.

He sat down and put me right up on top of his cock and started to tell me how he’s been fantasizing about this for so long. We called each other some really nawty names… he even wanted me to call him Daddy…. Mmmm and when he shot his cum, I begged for it right up my little pussy because I’m on the pill and I did not even care if he got me preggers or not, I needed his CUM!!!!

I have been sooo hot and I can’t wait to fuck him again. He said that he would do “anything” for this pussy. I think I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger; What do you think?

Oh I had the hottest call with sexy Brian… He licked my little pussy just like I like it…. Mmmm baby I loved being your sexy little naughty anal school girl! *wink* I loved it so much when you pumped my tight little teenage ass full of cum while you pulled my hair, spanked me and claimed me as YOUR little slut…. *big licks*

Oh, by the way you guys, be sure to check out our new blog at Blogtastic Phone Sex Divas!  My friends and I will be writing there lots. *wink*

Love Your Little Babydoll Fuck Slut~

Tasty Teenage Tasha!

Whipped Cream Bikinis and Love in My Box – YAY

Hey Guys!!  Hope you are all having a great day so far…. Guess what – I painted my bedroom walls!!!  They are a Robin’s Egg Blue, which is almost like a bay blue color.  It is tooo adorable!  My roommate and I had a couple friends over over the weekend and we had ourselves a little painting party.  It was way fun.

I got the sweetest email from you-know-who. *wink*  I just love it when he sends me cute and sweet little sexy emails like this…. They turn me on so much!!

 Tasha, Good Morning Baby Doll. Read your blog last night, wanted to respond. MMMMM,Yummy!!! I agree sweetie, last call was BEST EVER!!!! I know we keep saying that, but as the saying goes,we are like “Fine Wine”, gets better with age. Grins.  Anyway, I wanted you to know I read it, and I can’t wait to lick your little nipples and stick my tongue up your sweet little asshole again!!

I keep reading it… and reading it again… and waiting for J to call or message me… *giggles*  We have lots of time left in our phone sex bank baby so no need to worry about that stuff…. Just PLAY time!! *smiles* J you are so hot… You know how to lick my pussy soooo good and especially when you fuck me… I love it when you put me up on my hands and knees and just pick a hole to fuck… Lately your lil babydoll has been wanting her tight little ass stuffed!

I hope you guys like reading this blog as much as I love updating…. You know me, I have to tell you all the juicy details!!

Oh, my roommate and I want to get some of that whipped cream in a can so we can make ourselves whipped cream bikinis!! *wink*  What better way to wrap up summer, huh??  I am just soooo horny lately… Is anybody wanting a good little fuck toy : )