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Sexy Teen phone sex slut Tasha

“You’re not allowed to cum until I tell you,” I giggled.  I have been with enough guys (on and off the phone) to know that once a guy cums, it’s basically the grand finale and the end of the show.   I’m just as much of a cum slut as the next phone girl, but hey, I like to get off, also.  He called me for some coed phone sex and I have a feeling that I was giving him more than he bargained for, which not only turned me on, but made me smile a little.

“Yes, Tasha,” he managed as I shoved his face into my pretty little pussy.

“Lick harder,” I encouraged him.  He didn’t exactly respond with words, but I could feel his tongue picking up the speed, flicking my clit back and forth with his naughty, wet tongue.

“You taste so good,” he said right into my pussy and it took me a moment to figure out what he said.  I guided his hands up to my tits.  I have very sensitive nipples, so while I don’t like them to be full-on pinched hard, the girls do enjoy some attention, so don’t be afraid to lick and suck on them sweetly.  Don’t worry, I will let you know if you go too hard on my pretty pink nipples.

I giggled as I saw his dick, twitching for me and dripping with pre-cum.  I took my little foot and toyed with his balls, which felt squishy to the touch, indicating to me that they were already full of cum, which explained his eagerness to get off.    He moaned angrily when I slid the arch of my little size six up and down his shaft, keeping it rock-hard as he ate me.

I may specialize in teen phone sex, but that does not mean that I do not know what I want (and need!)

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those old-fashioned girls who believes in “Ladies First” — even in the bedroom.

Your blonde phone sex girlfriend experience,

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Went down on him in a theater

I’m a phone sex coed and sometimes, I love telling real-life stories during my teen phone sex calls!

“But we shouldn’t be doing this,” he protested and I just smiled and grinned at him, leaning in for another French kiss.  Phone sex teen TashaWe  were in a movie theater, and while it wasn’t exactly jam-packed, it wasn’t just the two of us, either.  We were near the back row, somewhere in the center, (not) watching the movie with a handful of other couples.

“But it’s been so long,” I whined, sliding my hand up his jeans, resting my fingertips between his legs, slowly caressing his hard-on while I took his tongue in my mouth.

Unable to control myself for another moment, I fumbled with his belt buckle and naughtily unzipped his jeans.  I just smiled at him and stared into his eyes as I took his cock out.

“There we go,” I sighed, relieved to finally have my hands around his big dick.  It was really fat and my small fingers barely fit around its sheer girth.   I started to give him a hand job and shoved my bubble gum into a napkin.

“Just be careful with your braces,” he warned me.  I was always careful with my braces and he was always warning me.

I just smiled and leaned down, slowly jerking his dick into my mouth, swirling my naughty tongue around the tip, slowly working it in my mouth.

He breathed loudly and grabbed the back of my head, pushing me down on his dick.  I tried not to gag too loudly, but sucking his dick in the cinema was really starting to make me wet.  I’d always wanted to try it, ever since I heard that Alanis Morissette song.

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Making him want a taste…

“Is this for me?” I asked him, rubbing my hand down his chest right to his cock. I was the barely legal babysitter that was Teen phone sexalways driving him crazy and I was loving every second of it.  Flouncing around in my short shorts and tight little tops certainly got his attention.  As a blonde phone sex slut, I always know how to get the kind of naughty attention that I crave.

“I’m here to pick up my check for the week,” I explained, smiling at him, knowingly, but not without getting in a little squeeze of his dick.

“Uh, yeah, okay,” he stammered, fumbling through the kitchen drawers for a pen.  I un-crossed my legs, revealing a sweet, pink lace thong that barely covered my little mound.  My little heel slid up his thigh and almost robitcally, he reached down to grab my ass and pull me forward. I pulled his face right between my tits and over between my legs.

I arched my back and spread my legs all the way apart, showing off my pretty little panties, sitting up on his counter.

“Fuck, you are bad,”  he complained in a complimentary sort of way.

“You love it,” I reminded him, reaching down and getting a handful of his dick, already rock-hard in his pants.

I knew that with the kids in bed and his wife in the shower, it was a risk, but one that he couldn’t help but take. I pulled over my pink panties, exposing my pussy and popped a finger right inside, rubbing on my little naked cunt with my fingers, slapping on it a little.  He started to bite up my thighs.

“Is this what you want?” I asked him with a seductive little grin.  I love coed phone sex and how you naughty older men just love how tasty and tiny I am.

For your own little toy to play with, dial me at 1*800*931*5905.   Have some fun with me… I’m a barely legal phone sex cutie and I love it.

Luv ~ Tasha

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Hey everybody!!!  How are you doing tonight?  I hope you are feeling dirty, like I am.  I love being a good little fuck slut for cock… I really love to play with a cock, stroke it and smile up at you while I slide it right into my mouth. I love being a dirty little blonde cocksucker!

Of course, I love to have my sweet little pussy licked on as well… that is so hot!  J calls me his Oral Princess because we love to sixty-nine.  That is definitely one of our favorite positions!  I think that J really liked my little wet fingers popping in and out of his tight ass while I sucked on his fat dick because his fat cock kept getting harder, fatter and longer in my sweet little mouth.

I’d like to give a little shout-out to anybody who has helped me cum on my vibrator because it’s fucking awesome! Seriously, I have this new toy and it’s called a bullet.  It should be called a MAGIC bullet because it feels so good while it’s rubbing against my tight little pussy.

Oh, be sure to follow me on Twitter to get my newest updates as to what I’m doing!  Sometimes, I will just update my Twitter and not my blog because it is quick and I can even do it from my cell phone.  I like to give you guys all the naughty updates of all my fuck stories, on Twitter I’m SuperSexyBlonde.

Call me for a dirty little teen phone sex call that you won’t forget!

You can see my gallery over at Fantasies and Fetishes.

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Hiya guys!!!  Are you looking for a sexy teen phone sex blog to read?  Or

Hot Teen Tasha
Hot Teen Tasha

maybe a hot college slut to fuck?

It’s Saturday night and my pussy is already nice and slippery.  I love to play with my little pink pussy.  I love to be single, but the only bad thing about that is when Valentine’s day comes around… It kind of feels lonely.  I decided that I want you naughty phone sex guys out there to be my Valentine!!!  How fun!!

What does a little Valentine like me cum with?  Well, I will do a sexy little strip tease and show off my sexy little perky titties and tiny pink nipples to you.  I will rub my hot lil boobies right in your face while I just am wearing a g-string and a pair of thigh highs and super high fuck-me stripper heels.

Do you want to rub your hands over my young little bubble butt while I grind my pussy right in your face?  I have a juicy little tight pussy.  That is why they call me Tasty Tasha, of course!

I’m a hot little Oral Princess and I love getting my pussy licked on and I would love to give you a hot blow job to return the favor!

Call me some for hot and taboo phone sex!  I’m so horny tonight and I’m looking for a guy with a big dick for me to suck on and play with with my tiny little wet fingers.  You can see all of my dirty little pics here.


Crazy on Coffee and Super Big Boobies and How I Love Being My Special Caller’s Oral Princess!


What is up??  Everybody has been telling me that I have to see that new Dark Night movie… My friends are telling me it’s the coolest movie EVER!  Last night, I had so much fun with my friends… We had this huge water balloon fight over at Emily’s house.  I got so soaked!!! I had on this tight little light pink tank top and you could totally see through it, but I didn’t care.  It was actually a huge turn-on for me. *Smiles*  Emily wants to get a slip-n-slide, which I think would be totally FUN!! I used to love going on that when I was little.  Emily and I have so much fun together.  It is her parents that took me on that cruise which was SOOO fun!!  Emily is like the big sis I never had.
Mmmm played with J, which you know was sooo hot.  I love it when he strokes his big dick for me.  I was licking on the head of his huge cock like an ice cream cone, which made his dick quiver.  I also stuck my little finger right up his asshole.  It took me a little while, but I licked it and it slid right into his tight ass.  I fingered his ass really good while I blew him.  We still have one call left in your phone sex bank J so hopefully you will call me soon… *wink*

Sooo how is everybody’s Summer been going??  Can you believe it’s already AUGUST?  Boy, how time flies when I’m havin’ fun…  I’ve been using these crest white strips on my teeth, it’s not like they were bad but I like to preserve my beauty : )  and WOW, do they ever work!! I’ve started drinking coffee, which makes me all crazy hyper is why I really was wanting to get a teeth whitener, and wow, Crest white strips TOTALLY work!! giggles..

One of my good friends got implants.  She went from a B cup to a D cup and WOW you can really see the difference.  She finally let me squeeze on her big tit and omg it sure is huge!!!  I sure love having some nice big boobies to play with.  It was so hot when she let told me to squeeze her huge boobies with my pretty little hands.  It made my pussy wet!!  I was telling her that I wanted to get them too now and she says nooo they would look weird on your lil body.  What do you guys think??

Love, Your Sweet Lil Phone Sex Naughty Girlie~

Done with Classes, Licking My Pussy Makes Me Cum So Good

Hey Guys!!
How are you doing?  Oh, I’ve been really good.  I got my haircut this morning and it looks soooooo cute!  Oh, and I’m finally done with my semester, finals weren’t as bad as I thought they would be either.  YAY!  Summer vacation, here I cummm!  I’m gonna be gone at the end of this month on a little vacation, which I’m soooo excited about!  I should be back by the first week of June, though.  Soooo be sure to catch me before then if you want to get dirty with your lil teen slut!  I just love being a nasty little cum slut, especially for J…
J called me again today and OMG he just gets hotter and hotter, every time!  I know we both say that a lot, but that guy really knows how to drive me NUTS when he licks my little cunnie.  He was licking from my little pussy to my tight lil teen asshole, which made me CUMMMM all over his face… J, you are really too good to me and that’s why I love our calls, SOOO much!
I think I’m going to get an ice cream cone, I’m really craving a nice vanilla and chocolate twist…. Have a great night everybody!!  I’ll write more soon…
Teen Tasha

My Confession… Shhh.. and I love being J’s Sweet Oral Princess.. wink

I have a confession to make!!  I accidentally found my bf’s xmas gift to ME!!  It’s the little pink santa suit by victoria secret and it’s way adorable… Good thing he won’t be reading this because he has NO clue and he would be mad at me for snooping even though I really was NOT trying to snoop, I was vacuuming out his car as a little surprise…  YAY!!
Mmm I talked to J who totally made my pussy cum so hard on that big dick of his!!  I just love talking to J because he knows how to work my sweet little ripe young pussy just rights…
Shoot I have to finish up this poli sci paper so BUG ME if you see me taking calls because I could use a break…  STUDY SEX BREAK! lol
Lets talk soon!!
Tasty Tasha
p.s. Sorry to those of you who left comments, there was  a problem but now it’s fixed, so I will be replying to all of them VERY SOON!! xoxo

Just call me Lolita! giggles

Hey guys!  Lately sucking dick has been turning me on more and more.  There is something so hot about an older man, cramming my hot little mouth with his huge dick.  Oh yeah, I am loving big dick more and more, too.  I used to think size didn’t matter that much as long as a guy knew how to use it, but lately, mmmm big dick is what I like, stretching out my gorgeous little fuckhole.  I think it’s hot to be with an older guy too, not just cuz they have more experience or whatever, but because they always seem to really know what gets me off and it also seems to be important to them.  And hey, I love guys who love getting me off because who doesn’t like to cum?
I found this little Lolita graphic and I thought it was so cute for me because I love to play young… giggles.. I’m hoping to stay home and get some naughty and fun phonesex calls in before I go back to SCHOOL!  But I love going back to school, even tho it’s college….
Kisses ~ Tasha ~ xoxo

2nd Place in Volleyball, but 1st Place Cock Sucker! ;)

Hey everybody!  I hope that you are all enjoying your summer, wherever you may live 🙂        

I’ve been such a bad little girl that I can hardly stand it… giggles…  I think that the naughtier I get, the naughtier I like to get, if that makes any sense… Talking to older men on the phone is so hot, knowing that I am making them so hard and close to cumming while they are jacking off… Mmmm it’s such a turn-on for me.  I also love guys who really cum hard, so that I can know that I did a good job for them… Hey, I know *I* cum hard, and about half the time, I can make my pussy squirt…. if it’s a really intense orgasm.    

My town just had Summerfest, which was cool because tons of people from out of state came and had a blast here… I love to meet new people!  We had a big beach volleyball tournament and my team came in second place!!  And OMG the boys started spraying us girls down with those hose, which was hot because I had on a white wet t-shirt, so the guys were making it into a wet t-shirt contest… I think they just wanted to see our sexy hard nipples… giggles…  but it was FUN! 
I wanted to give a shout-out to J, who is so hot to play with… I think that every time we play, it gets hotter and we’ve done a LOT of calls… That’s what’s so hot, when you are used to playing with somebody you learn what gets them off hard and they learn what gets me off and hey, we are all just um getting off!  Mmm J, we have to play, SOON! wink…  Anyway, I’m so excited that J decided to join the free member’s area!  Becoming a member is totally FREE and you get discounts on ALL calls plus extra deals on holidays and you are always the first to hear about my cool specials…  I know, I know… you want to be a member, too, right?  You even get discounts on all of my girlfriends too, if you just sign up for the free members area.
Mmmm somebody IMed me and asked me what turns me on the MOST so I thought I’d just tell you here:  when a guy licks my ears, plays with my clitty (which is cutely pierced), having my nipples sucked on, sucking on a big dick, getting my fuck holes filled with sticky, thick white cream, having my pussy stretched out, sex toys, orgies and MORE! giggles..  So tell me, secret lover, what gets you off the most?    
It’s really hot out so I will just stay inside today I think and play with you nawty men like I love to do! hehe
Love Always,

Silly Poem By Me

There once was a boy
who would be my toy…
He didn’t know it yet;
it was all part of a bet…

I would suck his dick
and it sure was thick!
His cum was really yummy,
so it ended up in my tummy!

When he’d cut to the chase,
he’d shoot it on my face!
I went to sleep next to him
to wake up with dick on my chin!

Giggles… How fun was that?!

Luv Ya Bunches ~ Tasha

Happy Birthday to Faith!

Cute Tasha

 Well, last weekend was Faith’s birthday and I was a teenie bit late with it, so I had to take her out last night instead!  We went to this really fun dance club that was like soooo crazy!  I knew Faith loved it so I went ahead and took her there.  We were looking sooo hot, I swear!  There was this one guy who looked just like Nick Lachey only cuter and Faith was like starting to rub up on the front of him with her tits, so I started to squish my little tits all over his back!  He was like, “Oooh two hot blondes, I don’t know if I can handle it….”  He was there with a bachelor party, so there were LOTS of hot guys on the dance floor.  Faith had on these huge clear heels and she let me borrow some of her body glitter and we were like two sexy babes, on the floor.  I don’t think we even sat down all night.  Well, maybe later on a BIG DICK!  You will have to call if you want to hear more… Faith and I just love 2-girl calls, so maybe you should give us a try lol.  You can check out Faith’s page here.

I just talked to J- and Mmmm he is sooo hot!  Our favorite is to 69… Do you like to do it too?  Mmm a thick pink tongue, shoved inside my tight lil teenage pussy while I suck on your big hard dick?!  J got me soooo wet and horny while he was fingering me and licking my ass…. I swear our calls get better and better, if that’s possible! lol!  Mmm big kisses J, you are the best giggles, you turn me on so much!

Time to go take a bubble bath.  Call me later and maybe we can have some naughty fun!