I had never even felt a dick before!

I was running late for my babysitting job and I didn’t have time to change after cheer leading practice, so I just got in my Tasha 1 800 931 5905 car and hurried over there.  I was wearing a pair of tiny yoga shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Mister Peterson when I saw him sitting at the kitchen table.

“The twins are with their mom,” he explained.

“Oh, do I have the wrong day?” I wanted to know.  With my busy life, it was not out-of-the-ordinary for me to show up for something on the wrong day.

“No, sweetie,” he looked into my eyes, “You have everything right.”  Mister Peterson looked me from top to bottom, focusing mainly on my sexy little ass in those booty shorts.

I bent over, unzipping my pink duffle bag and asked him if I could charge my cell phone.

I think I jumped a little when I felt his hands on my waist and his warm breath on my neck.  He shamelessly groped my sexy ass and I automatically started to grind back against him, wiggling my little butt against his hard dick.   He felt so huge and hard and I had never even felt a dick before!  My heart started to beat so fast and I could feel the heat between my butt and his boner intensifying by the moment.

He turned me around and slid his thigh between my legs, grabbing my ass hard as he shoved his tongue into my mouth.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“What I’ve been dying to do to you all summer,” he kissed me hard, grabbing the back of my head, biting my bottom lip a little.

“But I’ve never done anything like this before,” I admitted.  My cheeks felt hot and my little pussy was throbbing with anticipation.

Let’s just say that he sent me home with a wad of money and a huge smile on my face.   I would love to share all of the kinky details with you if this turns you on.  I love taboo phone sex where I tell you about just how naughty I have been.  I’m a naughty phone sex kitten and I really enjoy being paid to be a kinky little coed phone sex slut.

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Went down on him in a theater

I’m a phone sex coed and sometimes, I love telling real-life stories during my teen phone sex calls!

“But we shouldn’t be doing this,” he protested and I just smiled and grinned at him, leaning in for another French kiss.  Phone sex teen TashaWe  were in a movie theater, and while it wasn’t exactly jam-packed, it wasn’t just the two of us, either.  We were near the back row, somewhere in the center, (not) watching the movie with a handful of other couples.

“But it’s been so long,” I whined, sliding my hand up his jeans, resting my fingertips between his legs, slowly caressing his hard-on while I took his tongue in my mouth.

Unable to control myself for another moment, I fumbled with his belt buckle and naughtily unzipped his jeans.  I just smiled at him and stared into his eyes as I took his cock out.

“There we go,” I sighed, relieved to finally have my hands around his big dick.  It was really fat and my small fingers barely fit around its sheer girth.   I started to give him a hand job and shoved my bubble gum into a napkin.

“Just be careful with your braces,” he warned me.  I was always careful with my braces and he was always warning me.

I just smiled and leaned down, slowly jerking his dick into my mouth, swirling my naughty tongue around the tip, slowly working it in my mouth.

He breathed loudly and grabbed the back of my head, pushing me down on his dick.  I tried not to gag too loudly, but sucking his dick in the cinema was really starting to make me wet.  I’d always wanted to try it, ever since I heard that Alanis Morissette song.

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Submissive phone sex

I really enjoy being a good, obedient submissive for him.  When he calls me for submissive phone sex, he always makes Submissive phone sexme feel so at ease and so comfortable with him.  He makes me realize that I’m good hands, which is important.  As a submissive, you place a lot of trust in he who is calling the shots for you.  It’s a special bond, to say the least.

When he spanks my tits, it puts me into a world where I just want to please him and I will literally do anything to achieve this.  I love crawling across the floor, with my panties pulled down to mid-thigh, so vulnerable and naughty, like a hot little sex-kitten nymphette, just for him.

I wonder where he will take me next, but I do not question whether I will allow him to take me there.  I know like I know like I KNOW I will do whatever he says, not because I have a choice, but in my heart of hearts, I do not have a choice (or even want one).   I find myself effortlessly falling into “the zone” and all of my day-to-day concerns are erased with his stern-yet-loving commands.  Any trouble I thought I had is erased and my world is painted in with his needs and desires, which makes me burn for desire for my Sir.

He always makes sure that as his submissive is at ease and has just what she needs.  It’s an honor to be his submissive, but also not even a choice for me.  Once you are deep in the web of submission, you find that you really do not even want a choice.  It’s as natural as running from a fire, but so much more passion-filled than that.

I’m a good little girl and I specialize in teen phone sex fantasies.  Nothing is too naughty for this little cock-teasing, spoiled princess!

When you are dial me for a on-on-one blonde phone sex session, you will find that all of your cares and concerns disappear and nothing is left but this sexy little cutie, riding up on your cock, taking such sweet care of you.

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Tasty teen phone sex

Naughty, older man

I was just thinking about the first naughty teen phone sex call that I had with

Good little cock sucker

J!   It was so super hot.  First of all, I could tell that he was a nice guy before I even realized how hot he was!  Anyway, soon into the call, J warned me that he was a “naughty old man.”  Now, I know this is naughty, but for some reason, this really turned me on!

“Really?” I asked him.

“Really, baby… I want to find out how nice and ripe that sweet little teen pussy is too, baby,” he kissed his way down my thighs.

Wow,” I thought, “This guy is really hot!”

Begging for his cock

Pretty soon, I told him that I had been really wanting to suck some dick, which seemed like it was music to his ears, hearing that.  When I took out his big, hard dick, I was not disappointed because it was a huge one…

Now, I’m a total slut for big dick, so it’s no surprise that I immediately started to suck on it.  It was like an instant reaction:  I saw his dick and I had to have it in my mouth.

I started sweetly sucking on his hard-on while he grew and grew right in my pretty little mouth.  I thought his dick was huge, but it was just getting larger and fatter right in my little hot, slutty teen mouth!  I could tell he could appreciate me being a good little barely legal cocksucker for him because he started to deep throat me with his big, fat sausage!  He moaned loudly while he crammed his big piece of meat right down my little throat.

“Oh,” he gasped, a little shocked, “a good little gagger girl!”

To tell you the truth, my phone sex calls with J have gotten way hotter and even nastier than that!  Please click here to vote for me if you enjoyed this little glimpse into my naughty phone sex life! *sweet n juicy kisses*

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