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Lately, I’ve been getting into doing two girl phone sex sessions.  It’s so much fun!  Lately, I’ve really been having fun with Dani.  Her real name is Danielle, but everybody calls her Dani.

We did this really hot session with this guy who is super naughty and has a huge dick.  He could not decide who should be head cheerleader, so he called us both into his office for a little bit of a “tryout” to see who could take the best care of his dick.  We both really love fantasy phone sex sessions and I have to say, we got into this one a whole lot!

Dani wore her naughty schoolgirl outfit and I was in my sexy little cheerleader outfit.  Dani shoved her boobies up in Coach’s face while I took out his big dick.  I jerked it on like a naughty little slut and neither one of us could believe how big it was!

I slapped Coach’s big dick up against my little juicy pussy and reminded him that a good cheerleader should be able to get up on top and ride him like a champ.  He grabbed my tight ass and slapped his balls up against my ass.

Just when I was fucking him good, Dani decided that she wanted to get up on Coach’s big dick and have her turn on his bologna pony.

“Get off his dick, Tasha,” she haughtily demanded, “Now it’s my turn.”

She moved her hips around in a circle and squeezed her pussy muscles around his big dick.  I have to say, watching her fuck on his big dick made me have to finger fuck my pussy while I watched!

“Suck on her tits while she rides me, Tasha,” Coach told me and you know that I could not even wait to get my naughty little mouth on those nipples!

That was one wild coed phone sex session that Dani and I won’t forget – I tell you what!

Love n Hugs~
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Some people have asked me why I’m called Tasty Tasha.  While I thought the answer was pretty obvious, I guess I should just tell you, take a taste of this pretty little pussy and you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven!  I’m warning you, I moan so sweet while you lick me and my taste is sooo juicy and sweet that it will practically ruin you for other pussy.

I had some hot hotel sex with J the other night!  He was partying a little and was feeling like a wild man.  He decided that he was wanting some super hot phone sex with two little coed phone sex cuties, which of course doubles the fun for me!   I love dick and pussy, so fun was definitely had by all!

I started off by sucking on his huge, naughty prick and squishing my fingers into his huge balls.  I decided to get super naughty and I slid my tongue right where the sun doesn’t shine!  He moaned, so I figured that my tongue’s naughty little rendezvous was more than welcome.  He also lets us call him “Daddy,” which only adds to the naughtiness and enjoyment.

My coed phone sex partner in crime got up on his face and rode his tongue hard and fast.  I guess he was taking a card from me, ’cause soon he was licking her sweet little ass, too!

“I want both of your little asses,” he moaned, so we obliged and got up on all fours, arching our backs and spreading open our little butt cheeks for him to fuck.  She was rubbing her sexy little tushie against mine and he started popping his big dick up my ass then hers and then back to mine!

I really had a feeling that one of our tight asses was going to be pumped full of cum, but he said that he wanted to cum all over our pretty little faces.  Now, my slutty little teenage friend loves cum swapping with me, so he pulled out of her tight ass and started to jerk off all over our sexy little faces!

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Who is feeling like some good, old-fashioned schoolgirl teen phone sex? Tonight, I’m wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit, which includes a sexy little plaid skirt, white thigh-highs, black patent leather Mary Janes and little white cotton panties.   Sometimes, I like to wear my little cotton panties just a little too tight so you can easily see my sexy little bald pussy right when you look up my skirt.

I love to keep my juicy little pussy nice and bald; it just feels better that way.  Plus, all the better for you to lick on it!  I want you to put me right up on your lap so that you can slip your hand up my skirt and finger-fuck my sweet little bald cunt.

My best friend forever (bff) and I were talking about going out for Halloween this year as naughty twin school girls, sporting a lollipop and all.   I’m sure that Daddy J would just love that.  We’d much rather take turns sucking on his big, naughty cock, though!  He loves playing with his two naughty little teen phone sex girls.  He says two is hotter than one and we agree!  The last time he phoned in, we played with each other’s pussies.  My friend got so wet while she was sucking on his cock.

I stuck my naughty little fingers up his ass while she sucked on his big dick.  We both hearing him have a naughty orgasm after a wild phone sex call with us.   I just love blow job phone sex!

Teen phone sex
Teen phone sex

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Hey you guys!

Sexy Tasha
Tasty Teen Tasha

What is UP?  School is in session and wow, those professors are being way hard on me.  The good news is is that I live only two houses down from our sorority house, which kicks so much ass.  It’s basically on sorority row, which means all the more fun for me and my naughty friends!  We had the biggest costume party there for Halloween and I was a naughty nurse.  Well, one night, I was a sexy schoolgirl and the party we hosted on Saturday of Halloween weekend, I was a naughty nurse.  It was too freaking fun.  I ended up getting some cock from this guy I had been crushing on since last spring break.  He loved my naughty nurse costume and let’s just say that he loved his good little cock sucker as well.  I slurped on his big, fat cock and he even made me gag on it a little bit.

I also have this new roommate who is too sexy.  She isn’t a phone girl, but we do some naughty phone sex calls every now and then, when she is around and in the mood.  For me alone, it costs $1.99 per minute and if you want her to join in on the naughty action, it costs $3.25 a minute for both of us naughty teen girls. It’s like teen phone sex on steroids with both of us hotties on the phone  Trust me, it makes it all the hotter that she is more amateur and not really a phone sex girl.  Corrupting her is SO much fun!  She is mostly around in the evenings because of her class schedule.  It can be kind of hard for both of us to be here, but when we are on, we are ON!

Every now and then, my boyfriend is even here with me and I just love to take a cock while I’m having phone sex.  You should totally ask about him fucking me while you get to listen in.  Trust me, your cock will thank you while I make you both cum for me at the same time!

Hope you are all doing good…



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Hey, guys!  What is going on?  Tasty Tasha here in the house!  I’m finally off

Good little cock sucker
Good little cock sucker

from my college semester, which really kicked my ass.  I had chemistry and calculus this semester and I must be totally crazy to take them both on at once…

Speaking of taking two on at once, I had some naughty and nasty fun with my hot friend Marie with our good buddy P. He was completely in the mood to take on two sluts at once!  Wahoo….  He always tells me how I’m his girl and I just love taking his fat cock.  He tells me that I sound like a good little slut when I take it just right and if you ask me, so does my friend Marie.  If you have had the good fortune of doing a two-slut session with us two horny teen sluts, then you already know how hot teen phone sex with us can be.

P sometimes calls me by just myself, but it really makes it naughty when we crank it up a notch and have a wild and sexy session with one of my naughty phone sex friends.

Yeah, I love to lick on Marie’s little tight pussy when he is plowing that sexy tight ass of hers.  We should call and talk about how you want to fuck Marie’s ass while I eat her sweet, tight pussy for you.

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Do you Dare to Double the Fun? :)

Well this weekend was sibling weekend which means that my sister came up here to visit… And I met Melanie’s and Sasha’s brothers, who were both HOT!  Especially Sasha’s brother Tim… mmm!  I think he liked me too so I was sure to wear skimpy lil clothes all weekend long! I know, I’m a tease! I can’t help it, though.  I’m equipped with a naughty little mind, a very high sex drive and a tasty little body so how could I help it, even if I tried??  Let’s just say that it was a good thing her brother is engaged or I’m sure I would have hooked up with him in every possible way… Hey, a girl can dream about his tongue deep in my little tight cunnie, right? *naughty smile*

Oooh we are having a special on two-girl calls!  Basically, you get five free minutes when you order a call with two of us girlies!  See, it’s just $3.25 per minute for a 2-girl call….  (Just so you know, a 1-on-1 phonesex session with us is just $1.99 per minute).  ALL calls have a 10-minute minimum.  Anyway, I thought I’d mention that for sure because I do love to play with more than just a guy…  I’ve got some favorite girlfriends too or if you just tell me what fantasy you like I can try to think of a girl who would be perfect for us to get naughty with….

Happy Birthday to Faith!

Cute Tasha

 Well, last weekend was Faith’s birthday and I was a teenie bit late with it, so I had to take her out last night instead!  We went to this really fun dance club that was like soooo crazy!  I knew Faith loved it so I went ahead and took her there.  We were looking sooo hot, I swear!  There was this one guy who looked just like Nick Lachey only cuter and Faith was like starting to rub up on the front of him with her tits, so I started to squish my little tits all over his back!  He was like, “Oooh two hot blondes, I don’t know if I can handle it….”  He was there with a bachelor party, so there were LOTS of hot guys on the dance floor.  Faith had on these huge clear heels and she let me borrow some of her body glitter and we were like two sexy babes, on the floor.  I don’t think we even sat down all night.  Well, maybe later on a BIG DICK!  You will have to call if you want to hear more… Faith and I just love 2-girl calls, so maybe you should give us a try lol.  You can check out Faith’s page here.

I just talked to J- and Mmmm he is sooo hot!  Our favorite is to 69… Do you like to do it too?  Mmm a thick pink tongue, shoved inside my tight lil teenage pussy while I suck on your big hard dick?!  J got me soooo wet and horny while he was fingering me and licking my ass…. I swear our calls get better and better, if that’s possible! lol!  Mmm big kisses J, you are the best giggles, you turn me on so much!

Time to go take a bubble bath.  Call me later and maybe we can have some naughty fun!



Have a little Faith!

Faith came Thursday night and surprised me with pizza… She told me that I better eat something before we went out to party and boy was she right! Faith is like my best friend and she is soooo hot, a blondie like me but she has great big tits. First, we had to go to her ex b/f’s house and of course she had to have some of that cock, so we both gave him a blow job a the same time and it was just sooo hot and naughty! Faith even got behind him and was tonguing his big balls… I was so glad that we decided to stop over there!

THEN we went over to this frat party and we were both looking so cute! I had on my new red shoes that I got for Valentine’s Day and Faith had on the hottest low cute pink shirt that you can imagine… all glittery with a hot black mini skirt. I wore my TINY little black dress… We got started partying late, but that’s okay, we are YOUNG and we turned out to the the life of the party! Faith ended up giving this one guy a haircut on a dare and she did a REALLY good job, so 2 more guys wanted her to cut their hair and she did it topless…. for extra of course… giggles… but you know me and Faith, just 2 wild girls who have trouble saying no to anything! I don’t want to give away all the details but let’s just say Faith’s double~headed dildo was put to good use!

That’s when we got to talking about all of our 2-girl calls that we’ve done over the months… We’ve had some pretty wild ones, huh, Faith?! From double blow jobs to humiliation to playing with each other…. You can check out Faith’s page here. Mmmm we decided to run a little special with 2 girl call because we just love to play so much! We agreed that any guy who mentions my blog or her journal, gets 5 free minutes with ANY paid call with us.. See, it works out like this… 2 girl calls are only $3.25/minute with a 10 minute minimum, so you can have us both for way cheaper than we’re worth, especially considering our little special… It’s just our gift to you, because we love playing with our callers and each other sooo much…. You can check out my cute phonesex page here. Like I said, double your pleasure with us and we will ROCK YOUR COCK… naughty smile!

I’m getting ready to go out to lunch with my cousin…. I think we are either going out for Chinese, yummy, or maybe just to get a sub… Either way, I’m sure I’ll have fun because she is so much fun and I have the hottest little outfit on today with my new black strappy sandals… It’s a little cold for them but I could not resist…