Hungry Cock Sucker

Mmmm… Just talked to “J” and if it’s possible, I think it’s hotter every time…. I was so horny for him, especially when he told me that he wanted to suck on my little clitty ring! I think he knows that that gets me going…. But it was just sooo hot… First, I got down on my knees so I could look up at him while I was sucking on that big dick… There is something so hot, with me on my knees, staring up at a guy while I’m getting my hot little mouth fucked by a nice, big dick.

J could not take it anymore and he wanted to have my hot little juicy ripe pussy right on his face, so I decided to straddle his face and give him what he was hungry for: His little Princess’ tight little teenage twat, *giggles* I won’t give away all the details, but it ended up with both of us cummming at the same time, which is TOTALLY HOT! J is the best… So nice, sweet, so naughty and horny and sooo oral just like his princess.. 😉 He tells me that I’m addictive… I like that! 😉 I like him being addicted to my little young college cunt!

I had so much fun with Faith, I will have to fill you guys in…. It’s a LONG story, but a good one… Well worth the wait… Stop back in and read my blog and I will fill you in….

Other than that, I’ve been doing homework tonight, so PLEASE, let me take a little break and have some naughty fun! *wink*

Ooohhh I also must mention L, who I just talked to earlier today… I gave him a nice blow job and he was calling me his good little cock sucker. He loved it when I was choking on his cock and sucking him like a good little cock whore. Nothing turns me on more than having a dick hanging out of my mouth, as you all can see! *giggles*


What girl wouldn’t like it?

Mmmm I just talked to J, which was good, because it had been waaaaaay too long! I hope I made it worth your while, J, and by the sound of it, he got off really GOOD! I just love making men shoot their cum so good for me, esp. J, because he knows what really gets me off right…

He stuck his naughty tongue right up my little pink teenage asshole, which of course made me want to give him my tongue up his tight lil ass, too! Before I knew it, I was jerking on his big cock and finger~fucking his asshole while I slid his big cock down my throat… I just love rim-jobs…. When you are in the right naughty mood, anyway!

I love it when J calls me his Princess, and I also love it that he is so much older than me! I don’t remember exactly how much older he is, but the whole idea of having an older man, tonguing my little twat is a HUGE turn~on for me!

I am on my way over to my friend’s house, who has the hottest neighbor ever! We love to hit on him and we already decided we are taking her dog for a walk so that we will go by his house for sure, and he usually cums outside to hit on us if we are outside, looking cute and hanging around a little bit… My friend and I were talking about how big his cock is b/c his feet are SO BIG, but who knows?!

THEN, the age old debate came up with all of us girls, does size matter? Well, personally, I’d LIKE to say no, but honestly, I love big dick, so I guess it sort of does?! *giggles* I’d like to know everybody else’s opinions, about if you thin ksize matters or not?!

Luv Ya Lots,
Tasty Tasha

Oral Princess

Tasty Tasha, Kicking Back!Hey Guys,

I just can’t get enough of this blogging, it’s so much fun! I just wanted you all to know that I just got off the phone with this hottest guy name M. He treated me like such a lil slut and let me suck his cock like a good little slut! He put me right on my knees and told me to look at him while I was sucking on his cock, giving him a nice and sloppy blow job! I’ve been working on my technique, trying to improve on my cock sucking skills, making those dicks so wet while I suck on them…

J calls me his “Oral Princess,” which is how I came up with the name of the Category, *giggles* I hope that I just keep getting better and better… but I hear attitude while sucking cock is most of it anyway! You will just have to call me and find out!

A Nice Awakening

Well, my man spent the night last night and I woke up at about 4:00am to him licking my little cunnie! He was teasing my little clittie with his tongue and spreading my legs apart, while he was massaging my ass… I giggled and told him to quit, but it felt so good that I did not want him to quit anyway!

“I’m hungry for your dick too,” I told him as I started to grab at his huge hard-on. He slid around and started to fuck my mouth while he stuck a naughty finger right into my lil butthole! It felt so good, with his finger wiggling around in my little butthole with his tongue on my clitty.

“Tasha, if you keep this up, I’m going to fucking shoot it in your mouth!” He kept sucking on my little swollen clitty while he was pounding my throat, making me gag on his big, powerful cock. I told him that was exactly what I wanted and mmmm what do you think he did?

Mmmm it’s about enough to make me want to go play with my pussy right now!


Pretty Painted Toes

I just got my first pedicure done yesterday! I went with my best friend Stacey and we had such a blast! We also got our nails done, but the pedicure is what I’m most excited about. Right after she got through pampering my feet, the girl painted my toenails a nice, bright red color. Stacey got a French manicure and she had a hot guy giving rubbing her feet and doing her pedicure. She looked so hot, with her foot in his strong hands…. The way it was only inches away from his cock turned me on so much!

Stacey and I want to go get toe rings today, sterling silver maybe. I think that gold may look cute on my hot little toes, too… That pedicure yesterday is leaving me wanting one thing… a big dick between my sexy little feet! Would you like me to jerk you off with my hot feet, showing you my cute little cunt while I slide my hot lil feet up and down your dick?

I just put some lotion on my feet too, I feel like I’m obsessed with them today and they are so soft and smooth, perfect for playing with your big cream-filled balls!


Introducing… Tasty Tasha!

Hiya everybody! My name is Tasty Tasha, and I’m a naughty little fuck slut who loves to have sex…. Mmmm I’m a phonesex girl who loves to have cock, just about any way that I can get it! It seems like I always have a little wet pussy between my legs to play with during calls… It never fails ~ Once I’m talking to a naughty older man on the phone, I just get so horny and needing cock between my legs, which usually makes me have to masturbate with my sex toys….

It’s maybe best to start with an update… I just got my sweet little pussy pumped, good and hard! My boyfriend told me that he had to have some of my pussy before he left, but we did not have much time before he went to work… So guess what he did?! He called his boss from his cell phone and told him that he had a dead battery on his car and he’d be late! I was like so excited, down between his legs, sucking on his big cock like a good little sweet slut…. He was running his fingers through my hair while I looked up at his eyes while I gave him a sloppy blow job!

I pretty much love having sex, the naughtier the better…. I love being submissive; I think it’s just my nature to want to please my man… I love sucking dick, getting my little pussy fingered and licked…. Oooh and never be afraid to lick my little tasty asshole, it’s so yummy and hot! Nothing turns me on more than having an older man between my legs, lapping up my little fuck holes and getting them both so sloppy~wet that I know I’m going to get fucked soooo good and hard, just like I need it!

I love my new BLOG, I think it will be soooo fun to share my fun sexual adventures with you guys! I’m a total exhibitionist, so this thing totally turns me on, to be sharing my naughty side with the WORLD! 🙂

Tasty Tasha

The cute little phone sex girl who wants to make all your dreams CUM true! *wink*