Went down on him in a theater

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“But we shouldn’t be doing this,” he protested and I just smiled and grinned at him, leaning in for another French kiss.  Phone sex teen TashaWe  were in a movie theater, and while it wasn’t exactly jam-packed, it wasn’t just the two of us, either.  We were near the back row, somewhere in the center, (not) watching the movie with a handful of other couples.

“But it’s been so long,” I whined, sliding my hand up his jeans, resting my fingertips between his legs, slowly caressing his hard-on while I took his tongue in my mouth.

Unable to control myself for another moment, I fumbled with his belt buckle and naughtily unzipped his jeans.  I just smiled at him and stared into his eyes as I took his cock out.

“There we go,” I sighed, relieved to finally have my hands around his big dick.  It was really fat and my small fingers barely fit around its sheer girth.   I started to give him a hand job and shoved my bubble gum into a napkin.

“Just be careful with your braces,” he warned me.  I was always careful with my braces and he was always warning me.

I just smiled and leaned down, slowly jerking his dick into my mouth, swirling my naughty tongue around the tip, slowly working it in my mouth.

He breathed loudly and grabbed the back of my head, pushing me down on his dick.  I tried not to gag too loudly, but sucking his dick in the cinema was really starting to make me wet.  I’d always wanted to try it, ever since I heard that Alanis Morissette song.

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